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Sherman White

Sherman White (College basketball.  Born, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 16, 1928; died, Piscataway, N.J., Aug. 4, 2011.)  One of the most gifted of the young players in college basketball following World War II, Sherman White, who grew up in Englewood, N.J., began a promising career at Long Island U. in Brooklyn.  As a sophomore, he was […]

Leonard Koppett

Leonard Koppett (Sportswriter. Born, Moscow, U.S.S.R., Sept. 15, 1923; died, San Francisco, CA, June 22, 2003.) The first sportswriter to subject the games themselves to analytical scrutiny and intellectual father of the basketball play-by-play, Leonard Koppett wrote for three major New York dailies for nearly four decades. A Columbia graduate, Koppett brought his analytical approach to, […]

Moss Klein

Moss Klein (Sportswriter.  Born, Newark, NJ, July 27, 1950.)  Now deputy sports editor of the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger, Moss H. Klein was the paper’s Yankees beat writer for 17 seasons (1976-92).  Klein went on the beat four years after joining The Star-Ledger and landed in the middle of a tumultuous period of Yankees history.  His […]

Fred Lieb

Fred Lieb (Sportswriter. Born, Philadelphia, PA, Mar. 6, 1888; died, Houston, TX, June 3, 1980.) From railroad clerk to national president of the B.B.W.A.A., Frederick George Lieb was among the best-known New York baseball writers of the 1920s. Lieb spent six years in his youth as a clerk for the Norfolk and Western Railroad, but […]

Willard Mullin

Willard Mullin (Cartoonist. Born, Franklin, OH, Sept, 14, 1902; died, Corpus Christi, TX, Dec. 21, 1978.) Rarely has the combination of erudition and artistic skill that was Willard Mullin been brought to bear on the comic possibilities of sports. Although he certainly had his serious side and created some deeply poignant drawings, the bulk of […]

Jack Lang

Jack Lang (Sportswriter. Born, Brooklyn, NY, May 11, 1921; died, Huntington, NY, Jan, 25, 2007.) For nearly three decades, the one voice a retired ballplayer wanted to hear was that of Jack Lang. As national secretary of the B.B.W.A.A., Lang would call former players to inform them of their election to the Baseball Hall of […]

Til Ferdenzi

Til Ferdenzi (Sportswriter.  Born, Ashland, MA, Mar. 8, 1915; died, Lorton, VA, Mar. 12, 2002.)  A varsity football halfback and baseball infielder at Boston College, Atilio L. Ferdenzi became a Journal-American sportswriter in 1947.  Ferdenzi spent the next 19 years at the paper until in closed in 1966.  He was primarily a baseball writer, covering […]

Jim Fassel

Jim Fassel (Pro Football.  Born Anaheim, CA, Aug. 31, 1949.)  In 1997, Jim Fassel became an N.F.L. head coach for the first time after serving as an assistant with the Giants (1991-92), Denver (1993-94), Oakland (1995), and Arizona (1996), primarily as an offensive coordinator.  The 16th head coach in the team’s 75-year history, his first […]

Dan Daniel

Dan Daniel (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, June 6, 1890; died, Pompano Beach, FL, July 1, 1981.)  One of the most prolific and respected sportswriters in baseball and boxing, Dan Daniel got sidetracked on his way to becoming a doctor.  Born Daniel Margovitz, his name became a byline that said simply “By Daniel.”  While a […]

Dave D’Alessandro

Dave D’Alessandro (Sportswriter.  Born, Paterson, NJ, Apr. 1, 1958.)  Considered the leading pro basketball writer in New Jersey, David Frank D’Alessandro became the N.B.A. writer at The Record of Hackensack in 1983.  With the formation of The National Sports Daily in 1990, D’Alessandro left The Record to join Frank Deford’s staff.  Following the closure of […]

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