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George Willis

George Willis (Sportswriter.  Born, Las Cruces, NM, May 31, 1960.)  After covering virtually every major sport for three newspapers, George Allen Willis became a columnist for the Post in 1997.  Willis began his career as a general-assignment sportswriter for the Memphis (Tenn.) Commercial Appeal in 1983 and came to New York four years later.  He […]

Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace (Sportswriter.  Born, Washington, DC, Apr. 29, 1924.)  In a career that spanned over a half-century, William Noble Wallace wrote sports for three major New York newspapers.  Wallace, fresh out of Yale, started at the World-Telegram as a yachting writer in March 1949.  He moved to the Herald Tribune in 1957, initially for the […]

George Vecsey

George Vecsey (Sportswriter.  Born, Jamaica, NY, July 4, 1939.)  Starting as a part-timer handling high school sports at Newsday in 1956, George Spencer Vecsey progressed to a columnist for The New York Times.  Shortly before graduating from Hofstra (where he majored in English), Vecsey became a full-time sportswriter at Newsday in February 1960.  He rapidly […]

Bernard Thomson

Bernard Thomson (Sports editor.)  Born, Point Fortune, PQ, Nov. 27, 1873; died, New York, NY, Feb. 26, 1937.)  Among the most colorful lives ever by a New York sports editor was lived by a man universally described as “self-effacing.”  Bernard William St. Denis Thomson, the son of a prominent Canadian newspaperman, was an athlete, a […]

Jim Roach

Jim Roach (Sports editor.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 20, 1907; died, New York, NY, Mar. 16, 1978.)  James Pilkington Roach was one of the few sports editors universally respected throughout the newspaper industry by both his staff and his competitors. His wit, charm and relentless manners marked him as an unusual man in a field […]

Red Smith

Red Smith (Sportswriter.  Born, Green Bay, WI, Sept. 25, 1905; died, New Canaan, CT, Jan. 15, 1982.)  A graduate of Notre Dame, Walter Wellesley Smith began his newspaper career in 1927 with the Milwaukee Sentinel.  He then progressed to the St. Louis Star (1928) and the Philadelphia Record (1937).  He started to gain nationwide fame in […]

Bill Slocum, Sr.

Bill Slocum, Sr. (Sportswriter.  Born, Winsted, CT, Dec. 17, 1883; died, New York, NY, May 6, 1943.)  Among the most prominent baseball writers and sports editors of his era, William Joseph Slocum started his rise with the Waterbury (Conn.) American in 1906.  Slocum became sports editor of the American, that city’s afternoon paper, in 1908, but […]

Ernie Sisto

Ernie Sisto (Photographer.  Born, Princeton, NJ, May 5, 1904; died, Grass Valley, CA, Dec. 22, 1989.)  During the majority of his career with The New York Times, Ernest Ludwig Sisto was considered one of the finest photographers in the newspaper field.  Sisto covered 12 national political conventions and such diverse events as a solar eclipse (1954) […]

Richard Sandomir

Richard Sandomir (Sportswriter.  Born, New Hyde Park, NY, Sept. 4, 1957.)  Among the first reporters to regularly write on the business side of sports, Richard Elliott Sandomir broke in as a financial reporter for Newsday in April 1982.  Almost exactly 10 years later, Sandomir went to The New York Times, where he is a television sports […]

Leonard Koppett

Leonard Koppett (Sportswriter. Born, Moscow, U.S.S.R., Sept. 15, 1923; died, San Francisco, CA, June 22, 2003.) The first sportswriter to subject the games themselves to analytical scrutiny and intellectual father of the basketball play-by-play, Leonard Koppett wrote for three major New York dailies for nearly four decades. A Columbia graduate, Koppett brought his analytical approach to, […]

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