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Cristina Teuscher

Cristina Teuscher (Swimming.  Born, The Bronx, NY, Mar. 12, 1978.)  Seldom, if ever, has an individual overwhelmed her sport in a league as Columbia’s Cristina Teuscher dominated Ivy League women’s swimming.  Teuscher was unbeaten in over 40 collegiate dual meets and was 12-0 in four years in the league’s championship meet, setting records in five […]

Bob Kiphuth

Bob Kiphuth (Swimming.  Born, Tonawanda, NY, Nov. 17, 1890; died, New Haven, CT, Jan. 7, 1967.)  For decades the most celebrated and successful swimming coach in the U.S., Robert John Herman Kiphuth was also Yale’s athletic director for three years (1946-49).  Kiphuth coached Yale’s swimming teams for 41 years (1918-59), winning a staggering 528 of […]

Eleanor Holm

Eleanor Holm (Swimming.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 6, 1912; died, Miami, FL, Jan. 31, 2004.)  Eleanor Holm first gained fame as the finest woman backstroke swimmer in the world, and subsequently helped popularize the sport as an entertainment medium.  Holm won the national A.A.U. championship in the 300-yard individual medley five straight years (1928-31) and […]

Martha Norelius

Martha Norelius (Swimming.  Born, Stockholm, Sweden, Jan. 20, 1908; died, St. Louis, MO, Sept. 23, 1955.)  Coming to the U.S. as a child with her swimming coach father (Charles), Martha Norelius was the best freestyle woman swimmer in the world for most of the 1920s.  Norelius joined the Women’s Swimming Association of New York and […]

Lou Handley

Lou Handley (Swimming.  Born, Rome, Italy, 1874; died, New York, NY, Dec. 28, 1956.)  Though something of an athlete himself in his youth, Louis deBreda Handley achieved his greatest fame after emigrating to America as a swimming coach.  Handley was the principal coach for the Women’s Swimming Association of New York, the primary source for […]

Charlotte Epstein

Charlotte Epstein (Swimming.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 17, 1884; died, New York, NY, Aug. 26, 1938.)  Of the true pioneers of athletics for women, Charlotte Epstein ranks near the top.  Epstein was one of the organizers of the National Women’s Life Saving League and in Oct. 1917, led the formation of the Women’s Swimming […]

Gertrude Ederle

Gertrude Ederle (Swimming.  Born, New York, NY, Oct. 23, 1906; died, Wyckoff, NJ, Nov. 30, 2003.)  As the youngest athlete ever to set a world record in a major sport, the first woman to swim the English Channel and a performer who once set seven world records in a single day, Gertrude Caroline Ederle is […]

Charlotte Boyle Clune

Charlotte Boyle Clune (Swimming.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 20, 1899; died, Scottsville, NY, Oct. 3, 1990.)  A leader among the early stars of the Women’s Swimming Association of New York, Charlotte Boyle (later Mrs. Clune) was hailed as the American women’s swimming champion in 1919.  Boyle set four world and U.S. records from 1917-21.  She […]

Ethelda Bliebtrey

Ethelda Bliebtrey (Swimming.  Born, Waterford, NY, Feb. 27, 1902; died, West Palm Beach, FL, May 6, 1978.)  When what was a coastal life-saving service during World War I was converted into the Women’s Swimming Association of New York, Ethelda Bliebtrey was one of its stars.  In 1920 and 1921, Bliebtrey won seven national championships (all […]

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