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Ernie Palladino

Ernie Palladino (Sportswriter.  Born, White Plains, NY, Apr. 13, 1955.)  While an undergraduate at Fordham, Ernest Andrew Palladino began his career with the old Daily Argus of Mount Vernon, N.Y., in 1976.  He eventually became the paper’s sports editor.  In 1981, Palladino was shifted to the principal paper of the Gannett Westchester group, The Reporter […]

Vic Ziegel

Vic Ziegel (Sportswriting.  Born, New York, NY, Aug. 16, 1937; died, The Bronx, NY, July 23, 2010.)  As a versatile, tough, and incisive writer with an impish sense of humor, Victor Ziegel came out of City College to forge a considerable reputation at the New York Post for 19 years (1958-77).  Ziegel then became the […]

Bill Granger

Bill Granger (Sports editor.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 9, 1877; died, Kew Gardens, NY, Jan. 17, 1945.)  As a callow youth, he spent much of his time supporting himself as a bowling hustler, but William J. Granger wound up as sports editor of the Brooklyn Citizen for more than half of the paper’s 61-year existence.  Granger […]

Joe Gootter

Joe Gootter (Sports editor.  Born, Lodz, Poland, Oct. 16, 1911; died, Paterson, NJ, Nov. 2, 1996.)  Warmth and humor are not character traits normally associated with sports editors, but Joe Gootter had both in abundance.  Gootter was sports editor of the Paterson (N.J.) Evening News for more than 25 years.  At the time of his […]

Ike Gellis

Ike Gellis (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 5, 1908; died, Nyack, NY, Apr. 28, 1988.)  Although Isaac Gellis never considered himself a writer of sports or anything else, he was an extraordinarily fine judge of talent and during his 30 years as sports editor of the New York Post, the paper had what […]

Paul Gallico

Paul Gallico (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, July 26, 1897; died, Monte Carlo, Monaco, July 15, 1976.)  Among the most renowned sportswriters of the “Golden Age of Sports” was Paul William Gallico, sports editor and columnist of the Daily News from 1924-36.  Gallico joined the News in 1922 as a movie critic but was […]

Ed Frayne

Ed Frayne (Sports editor.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 8, 1892; died, Van Nuys, CA, Nov. 26, 1944.)  Returning from California in November 1926, Edward J. Frayne became sports editor of the New York American, the morning broadsheet owned by William Randolph Hearst.  Hearst also owned the tabloid Daily Mirror (started just two years earlier) and […]

Richard Kyle Fox

Richard Kyle Fox (Sports editor.  Born, Belfast, Ireland, Aug. 12, 1846; died, Red Bank, NJ, Nov. 14, 1922.)  Among the major influences that made sports a significant part of the American culture, Richard Kyle Fox’s Police Gazette must rank high on any list.  Fox turned the Police Gazette into a national sports weekly.  Fox came […]

Gene Fowler

Gene Fowler (Sportswriter.  Born, Denver, CO, Mar. 8, 1890; died, Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 1960.)  A newspaperman in his native Denver, Gene Fowler joined the sports staff of the New York American in Sept. 1918 on the recommendation of Damon Runyon.  Fowler, born Eugene Devlan, was adopted by his stepfather as a youngster and […]

John B. Foster

John B. Foster (Sportswriter.  Born, Norwalk, OH, July 16, 1863; died, Washington, DC, Sept. 29, 1941.)  Successor, in 1908, to Henry Chadwick as editor of Spalding’s Baseball Guide, John B. Foster was also active as a sportswriter for over 50 years.  Starting in Cleveland, O., in 1888, when he covered his first major league game, Foster […]

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