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Walter St.Denis

 Walter St. Denis (Sports editor.  Born, Pembroke, Ont., Mar. 19, 1877; died, New York, NY, Feb. 15, 1947.)  When boxing returned to New York as a legal sport in 1911, the Frawley Law did not permit official decisions on bouts.  Fans (and bettors) turned to newspaper experts for the determination of winners (and losers).  Of the […]

Willie Klein

Willie Klein (Sports editor.  Born, Newark, NJ, June 24, 1913; died, Edison, NJ, Feb. 26, 2001.)  Willie Klein’s story could perhaps be entitled “local boy makes good.” In the depths of the Depression (1932), Klein joined the staff of one of Newark’s three daily newspapers, The Morning Ledger, and thirty years later had risen to […]

Bob Kennedy

Bob Kennedy (Sports editor.  Born, Stamford, CT, Jan. 16. 1943.)  At one time the longest-serving sports editor in the metro New York area, Robert Francis Kennedy has headed the sports department of The Advocate of Stamford starting in 1975, when he succeeded Fred Willis.  Kennedy started at the paper as a sportswriter in 1964.  He left in […]

Ray Kelly

Ray Kelly (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, Feb. 18, 1898; died, Bronxville, NY, Jan. 8, 1967.)  The biggest classical music fan ever to run a sports department at a major New York newspaper, Raymond J. Kelly was sports editor of The New York Times for 21 years (1937-58).  Kelly was a Fordham classmate and […]

Max Kase

Max Kase (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, July 21, 1898; died, Yonkers, NY, Mar. 19, 1974.)  Max Kase was known during his years as sports editor of the New York Journal-American for his newsy notes column entitled “Briefkase.”  He had a distinct “nose for news.”  Two years after the merger of the New York American […]

Lou Niss

Lou Niss (Sports editor.  Born, Minsk, Russia, Oct. 5, 1903; died, New York, NY, Apr. 30, 1987.)  The last sports editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, Louis Niss was also the first front-office employee hired by the Mets, in 1960.  Niss began his newspaper career in 1923 wirh the Brooklyn Times and worked his way through […]

Lou O’Neill

Lou O’Neill (Sports Editor.  Born, Ravenswood, NY, Dec. 15, 1906; died, Rego Park, NY, Jan. 23, 1978.)  On the 50th anniversary of his start in the newspaper business, over 400 friends of Louis Francis O’Neill turned out in his honor at an Astoria banquet hall.  Most of the organizers of the O’Neill tribute were people […]

Jimmy Powers

Jimmy Powers (Sports editor.  Born, Cleveland, OH, Feb. 9, 1903; died, Bal Harbour, FL, Feb. 11, 1995.)  Jimmy Powers was one of the most influential members of the New York sporting press during the 1940s and 1950s when he was sports editor of the Daily News and its leading columnist.  Powers was the oldest of […]

William T. Porter

William T. Porter (Sports editor.  Born, Newbury, VT, Dec. 24, 1809; died, New York, NY, July 19, 1858.)  Responsible more than anyone else for bringing sports into the realm of popular culture and stimulating spectator interest, William Trotter Porter published a sports weekly known as Spirit of the Times.  Porter first tried out his idea […]

Dan Parker

Dan Parker (Sports editor.  Born, Waterbury, CT, July 1, 1893; died, Waterbury, CT, May 20, 1967.)  Among the longest-serving sports editors and columnists ever in New York, Daniel Francis Parker was titular head of the sports department at the Daily Mirror for 37 years (1926-63).  A physically large man (6’4”, 250 pounds), Parker was often […]

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