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Alex Wojciechowicz

Alex Wojciechowicz (College Football.  Born, South River, NJ, Aug. 12, 1915; died, South River, NJ, July 13, 1992.)  Among the legendary names of New York college football, Alex Wojciechowicz is one of the greatest. He was the center and middle linebacker around whom the fabled second version of the “Seven Blocks of Granite” were built […]

Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi (College and pro football. Born, Brooklyn, NY, June 11, 1913; died, Washington, DC, Sept. 3, 1970.) While he became legendary coaching at Green Bay, Vincent Thomas Lombardi had a long football history in New York. A guard on the famed “Seven Blocks of Granite” line at Fordham (1935-37), Lombardi began to study law. […]

Leo Paquin

Leo Paquin (College football.  Born, New York, NY, June 13, 1910; died, Rutherford, NJ, Dec. 2, 1993.)  Leo Paquin was the left end on the second version of Fordham’s “Seven Blocks of Granite” (1934-36).  Known as “Twinkletoes” to his teammates because of his grace, Paquin later became head football coach, athletic director, and a teacher […]

Ed Franco

Ed Franco (College football.  Born, New York, NY, Apr. 24, 1915; died, Bayonne, NJ, Nov. 18, 1992.)  A stocky 5’8”, Edmund J. Franco was the left tackle on Fordham’s second version of the “Seven Blocks of Granite” line.  Franco was a consensus all-America choice in 1936 and 1937 as the Rams were 12-1-3 over the […]

John Druze

John Druze (College football.  Born, Newark, NJ, July 13, 1914; died, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec. 27, 2005.)  Captain, kicker, and right end, John Francis Druze was the last survivor of Fordham’s famed “Seven Blocks of Granite” line of 1936-37.  Druze was also the first baseman for the Rams baseball team.  Fordham was 12-1-3 in the two […]

Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley (College football.  Born, Chicago, IL, Sept. 10, 1902; died, Scranton, PA, Jan. 15, 1986.)  One of the legendary “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame, James Harold Crowley was head football coach at Fordham for nine seasons (1933-41).  “Sleepy Jim” coached the second “Seven Blocks of Granite” team (1936-37) and took the Rams to two […]

Tim Cohane

Tim Cohane (Sportswriter.  Born, New Haven, CT, Feb. 7, 1912; died, Nashua, NH, Jan. 22, 1989.)  A writer and editor, Timothy Cohane began his career as the sports publicist for Fordham following his graduation in 1935.  Cohane thus became the public relations arm during the most glorious era of Rams football.  He revived a phrase, […]

Frank Cavanaugh

Frank Cavanaugh (College football.  Born, Worcester, MA, Nov. 13, 1876; died, Marshfield, MA, Aug. 29, 1933.)  A player at Dartmouth (1895-97) and a coach at five schools, Maj. Francis William Cavanaugh took over Fordham’s football team in 1927.  Cavanaugh, though with failing vision and health from World War I wounds, coached six years at Rose […]

Al Babartsky

Al Babartsky (College football.  Born, Shenandoah, PA, Apr. 19, 1915; died, Kettering, OH, Dec. 29, 2002.)  Known to his teammates as “Ali Baba,” Albert J. Babartsky was a tackle on the celebrated “Seven Blocks of Granite” line at Fordham (1935-37).  He earned some All-America mentions in his senior season (1937) and had an N.F.L. career […]

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