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Jim Trecker

Jim Trecker (Public relations.  Born, Los Angeles, CA, May 14, 1945.)  A leading soccer executive, James E. Trecker was also a public relations official with such disparate organizations as the Jets and Madison Square Garden.  Trecker served as assistant public relations director of the Jets (1969-75) under Frank Ramos (q.v.).  He was the vice president […]

Irving Rudd

Irving Rudd (Public relations.  Born, New York, NY, Oct. 13, 1917; died, Manhasset, NY, June 2, 2000.)  It was perhaps natural that Irving Rudd would be attracted to the boxing business, even if as a publicist rather than as a pugilist.  He grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn that was prime boxing territory […]

Frank Ramos

Frank Ramos (Public relations.  Born, Valley Stream, NY, Aug. 5, 1938.)  The longest-serving public relations representative for a single New York pro team, Frank R. Ramos was the Jets’ head publicist for 36 years (1966-2002).  Ramos joined the Jets in June 1963, as the assistant to Joe Cahill, his former boss at West Point.  Ramos […]

Bill Steinman

Bill Steinman (Public relations.  Born, New York, Dec. 31, 1944.)  For over 40 years, William Charles Steinman has been a fixture in Columbia’s sports publicity office.  Steinman, a Hofstra graduate, came to Columbia in 1970 and spent 14 years as assistant director of the sports information office.  He succeeded Kevin DeMarrais (q.v.) in 1984 and was […]

Garry Schumacher

Garry Schumacher (Public relations.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 2, 1901; died, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 22, 1978.)  He was effectively the only head publicist the Giants ever had in New York, but Garry Schumacher also had a lengthy career as a sportswriter.  Born in Greenpoint, Schumacher began as a teenager with the Brooklyn Standard-Banner and then […]

Mickey Morabito

Mickey Morabito (Baseball. Born, Brooklyn, NY, June 11, 1951.) Beginning as the on-field liaison among umpires, the bench, and the press box, Michael Morabito advanced to assistant director of public relations of the Yankees in 1974. Under Marty Appel, Morabito was part of the staff when the Yankees both moved back into the renovated Yankee […]

Jay Horwitz

Jay Horwitz (Public relations.  Born, New York, NY, Aug. 14, 1945.)  An omnipresence with the Mets, Jay Edward Horwitz has been the club’s public relations director for more than two decades.  Horwitz began that job April 1, 1980, after tours as sports information director at N.Y.U. (1969-72) and Fairleigh Dickinson (1972-80).  Horwitz became vice president, […]

Red Patterson

Red Patterson (Public relations.  Born, Long Island City, NY, Feb. 1, 1909; died, Fullerton, CA, Feb. 10, 1992.)  Arthur E. (Red) Patterson had the unique distinction of being the first public relations director of the New York Yankees and the last one for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Patterson, a New York University graduate, covered baseball for […]

Murray Goodman

Murray Goodman (Public relations.  Born, Pekrokov, Russia, Jan. 1, 1914; died, Toms River, NJ, Mar. 8, 1996.)  Coming to the United States at age five, Murray Goodman grew up into the sports field in the 1920s, the so-called “Golden Age of American Sports,” but once became so disgusted with the business that he became a […]

Joey Goldstein

Joey Goldstein (Public relations.  Born, Conway, SC, July 20, 1927; died, Boca Raton, FL, Feb. 14, 2009.)  Cast in the mold of the great Broadway press agents of the 1930s and ’40s, Joey Goldstein carved a unique position for himself in the world of sports as the most dynamic, exciting and, sometimes, controversial public relations […]

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