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Bob Sheppard

Bob Sheppard (Public address.  Born, Richmond Hill, Queens, Oct. 20, 1910; died, Baldwin, NY, July 11, 2010.)  Robert Leo Sheppard possessed one of the most memorable voices in the history of New York sports and a style of enunciation that has never been equalled.  Although almost everyone associates him with New York Yankees baseball games, where […]

Stan Saplin

Stan Saplin (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 12, 1914; died, New York, NY, Mar. 1, 2002.)  One of the most respected figures in the New York sports field, Stanley Saplin became most identified with New York University during his long career. However, he also served such varied  organizations as the New York Rangers, the […]

Rich Kahn

Rich Kahn (Public address.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Sept. 27, 1951.)  A television public relations executive, Richard A. Kahn served as the Jets public address announcer for 19 seasons (1983-2001).  Kahn’s first season was the team’s last at Shea Stadium.  His tenure was the longest in that job ever for the Jets.  Kahn also did public […]

Joe Humphreys

Joe Humphreys (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, Oct. 19, 1872; died, Fair Haven, NJ, July 10, 1936.)  His career as the most famous ring announcer of his time began for Joe Humphreys quite by accident in 1893.  Humphreys became the announcer at Gus Maich’s Little Casino on the New Bowery when the usual announcer […]

Thom Morrera

Thom Morrera (Public address. Born, White Plains, NY, Dec. 16, 1945; died, New York, Aug. 18, 2012.) From director of music programming at Madison Square Garden, Thom Morrera, arock-and-roll disc jockey famed for handling the overnight shift on WNEW-FM in the 1970s and ’80s, became the public address announcer for the Rangers (1986-93), succeeding Carl Martin. Morrera […]

Carl Martin

Carl Martin (Public address. Born, West New York, NJ, Mar. 13, 1919; died, Lakewood, NJ, May 10, 2009 .) Carl Martin worked as a sports columnist, a publicist and group ticket salesman before finding a niche as a public address announcer, initially as a backup to the great John Condon at Madison Square Garden. Martin began filling […]

Jim Hall

Jim Hall (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, May 30, 1933.)  Perhaps the most-heard but least known public address announcer in New York sports, James Joseph Hall began filling in for the legendary Bob Sheppard in 1963.  The pair became acquainted as student and teacher when Hall went from St. John’s Prep to St. John’s, where […]

Al Frazin

Al Frazin (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 21, 1905; died, Satellite Beach, FL, July 9, 1988.)  Alfred Bender Frazin was perhaps the best announcer in the early days of arena public address systems and was so well known that he was frequently included in such non-sports material as comic strips and cartoons as […]

Del DeMontreaux

Del DeMontreux (Public address.  Born, Brooklyn, Nov. 19, 1945.)  A popular radio personality in New York for nearly three decades, Del DeMontreux also served for most of five seasons (1995-99) as the Mets public address announcer at Shea Stadium.  Following his separation from the U.S. Army in 1970, DeMontreaux was hired at WHN (AM 1050), […]

Bud Corn

Bud Corn (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 30, 1913; died, Boca Raton, FL, Sept. 3, 1999.)  For 25 seasons (1937-61), Belmont Corn, Jr., was the public address voice of Columbia football at Baker Field.  During that period, Corn missed only one game.  That was in 1957, when he was detained by the government […]

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