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Buddy Young

Buddy Young (Pro football.  Born, Chicago, IL, Jan. 5, 1926; died, Terrell, TX, Sept. 4, 1983.)  A small, elusive package of halfback, Claude (Buddy) Young was a thrilling part of New York pro football for five seasons with teams in two leagues based in Yankee Stadium.  As a rookie in 1947, Young first excited New […]

Ray Wietecha

Ray Wietecha (Pro football.  Born, East Chicago, IN, Nov. 4, 1928; died, Phoenix, AZ, Dec. 24, 2002.)  An ironman center who played 124 games in a row at center for the Giants, Raymond Walter Wietecha was drafted in 1950.  Wietecha had been the all-Big 10 center for the Northwestern team that won the 1949 Rose […]

Arnie Weinmeister

Arnie Weinmeister (Pro football.  Born, Rhine, Sask., Mar. 23, 1923; died, Seattle, WA, June 28, 2000.)  A hard-hitting tackle who was a versatile two-way player, Arnold G. Weinmeister joined the A.A.F.C. Yankees from the University of Washington in 1948.  When the A.A.F.C. folded after the 1949 season, Weinmeister moved to the N.F.L. Giants, where he […]

Joe Walton

Joe Walton (Pro football.  Born, Beaver Falls, PA, Dec. 15, 1935.)  One of only a handful of men to coach both the Giants and the Jets, Joe Walton was a player and assistant coach for the Giants and then an assistant (1981-82) and head coach (1983-89) for the Jets.  Walton was an all-America end of […]

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh (Pro football.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 18, 1916; died, White Plains, NY, Aug. 6, 1998.)  A skilled jack-of-all-trades, Raymond J. Walsh served the Football Giants from 1947-91 in a wide range of positions.  Walsh was a scout, publicist, business manager, and negotiator.  He was active in the lease negotiation and planning that […]

Frank Umont

Frank Umont (Pro football, baseball.  Born Staten Island, NY, Nov. 17, 1917; died, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 20, 1991.)  Even without the benefit of college, Frank William Umont was good enough to be a lineman with the wartime Football Giants (1943-45).  In 1944, the 5’11”, 220-pound Umont was also employed as a blocking fullback.  One […]

Emlen Tunnell

Emlen Tunnell (Pro football.  Born, Bryn Mawr, PA, Mar. 29, 1925; died, Pleasantville, NY, July 23, 1975.)  One of the premier defensive backs in the history of pro football, Emlen Lewis Tunnell came undrafted out of the University of Iowa in 1948.  He had to plead with the Giants for a tryout.  With the N.F.L. […]

Eddie Tryon

Eddie Tryon (Pro football.  Born, Medford, MA, July 25, 1900; died, St. Petersburg, FL, May 1, 1982.)  As a four-year letterman who captain the unbeaten Colgate team of 1925 (7-0-2), Joseph Edward Tryon was a major name for the embryonic Football Yankees of 1926.  Tryon scored 111 points with 15 touchdowns as a college senior, […]

Dan Topping

Dan Topping (Baseball, pro football.  Born, Grennwich, CT, June 11, 1912; died, Miami, FL, May 18, 1974.)  Grandson of a former president of Republic Steel on his father’s side and a tin millionaire on his mother’s, Daniel Reid Topping was an above-average amateur golfer, owner of two pro football teams, and an owner of the […]

Y.A. Tittle

Y.A. Tittle (Pro football.  Born, Marshall, TX, Oct. 24, 1926.)  As a star at Louisiana State from 1944-47 and for 12 seasons of pro football, Yelverton Abraham Tittle was one of the standout quarterbacks in the sport.  In 1961, he joined the New York Giants in a trade for tackle Lou Cordileone.  Over the next […]

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