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Kathy Willens

Kathy Willens (Photographer.  Born, Detroit, MI, Dec. 8, 1949.)  Starting as a freelancer for suburban newspapers in the Detroit area, Kathy Ann Willens has become one of the most honored Associated Press photographers both in and out of sports.  Willens has traveled extensively for the A.P., in Latin America, the Caribbean, and world hot spots […]

Lou Requena

Lou Requena (Photographer.  Born, San Juan, PR, Dec. 12, 1919; died, New York, NY, June 20, 2013.)  Starting with his own Pan American Photos in 1958, Louis Requena became a leading baseball photographer for the major wire services.  Requena at first shot for local Spanish newspapers but became a U.P.I. photographer in 1974 and then went […]

Ray Stubblebine

Ray Stubblebine (Photographer.  Born, Philadelphia, PA, June 16, 1946.)  A versatile photographer who has covered Presidential inaugurations, the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, and even “Iran-scam” hearings, Raymond F. Stubblebine built his reputation primarily in sports.  Stubblebine was with the A.P. for 16 years (1971-87) and Reuters starting in 1989.  He has photographed spring training, the World Series, […]

Ernie Sisto

Ernie Sisto (Photographer.  Born, Princeton, NJ, May 5, 1904; died, Grass Valley, CA, Dec. 22, 1989.)  During the majority of his career with The New York Times, Ernest Ludwig Sisto was considered one of the finest photographers in the newspaper field.  Sisto covered 12 national political conventions and such diverse events as a solar eclipse (1954) […]

Barton Silverman

Barton Silverman (Photographer.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, September 8, 1942.)  New York Press Photographers’ Association “Photographer of the Year” in 1971, Silverman has been a staff photographer for The New York Times since 1962.  Often considered one of the most creative ever in his craft, Silverman has also worked freelance for Sports Illustrated, Life, and Time magazine, and […]

Herb Scharfman

Herb Scharfman (Photographer.  Born, Chicago, IL, Aug. 24, 1911; died, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb. 21, 1998.)  Herb Scharfman became one of the best known photographers in sports through his work in the pages of Sports Illustrated, but he actually got his start as a motorcycle messenger for the International News Services’ photo division.  Scharfman joined I.N.S. in […]

Harry Harris

Harry Harris (Photographer.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 25, 1913; died, New York, NY, Feb. 12, 2002.)  Unlike many great photographers both in and out of sports, Harry Harris didn’t start out to be a lensman.  He originally trained in the printing trades, but wound up as one of the premier wire service sports photographers […]

Ron Frehm

Ron Frehm (Photographer.  Born, Yonkers, NY, Sept. 21, 1942.)  For nearly 40 years, Ron Frehm was a press photographer concentrating primarily on New York sports.  Frehm spent five years (1964-69) with what was then known as Gannett Westchester Newspapers.  In 1969, he moved to the A.P., and became one of their primary sports photographers, covering […]

Dan Farrell

Dan Farrell (Photographer.  Born, Hazelton, PA, Oct. 31, 1930.)  His most famous photo was made at the funeral of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but Daniel Boyle Farrell was foremost a sports photographer.  After several years of freelancing, Farrell became a staff photographer at the Daily News in 1955.  He worked for the News, […]

Paul Bereswill

Paul Bereswill (Photographer.  Born, New York, NY, Nov. 1, 1949.)  Though Paul Jacob Bereswill has worked all major sports, he has built a major reputation in hockey, where he did 17 Stanley Cup finals through 2003.  Bereswill was a Sports Illustrated photographer, as a freelancer, from 1979-95, shooting over 350 hockey games and numerous covers […]

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