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Werner Roth

Werner Roth (Soccer.  Born, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Apr. 4, 1948.)  One of the outstanding defensive players in the history of the North American Soccer League, Werner Roth began playing organized soccer with New York’s German-Hungarians and finished as the captain of the Cosmos 1978 Soccer Bowl champions.  Roth played in the German-American League (later the Cosmopolitan […]

Ike Kuhns

Ike Kuhns (Sportswriter. Born, Narbeth, PA, Sept. 26, 1935.) A radio-television major as an undergraduate at Syracuse, Ivan C. Kuhns became the leading soccer writer for The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., during the glory days of the Cosmos in the old N.A.S.L. Kuhns’ career began as sports editor of the weekly Lakeland News in Dover, […]

Shep Messing

Shep Messing (Soccer. Born, Roslyn, NY, Oct. 9, 1949.) Although he earned his greatest recognition during his years as the goalie for the Cosmos in the North American Soccer League, Shep Messing is a man of many parts who has been often brilliant, sometimes controversial and always a competitor. Messing graduated from Harvard with honors […]


Pele (Soccer.  Born, Tres Coracoes, Brazil, Oct. 23, 1940.)  Although he joined the Cosmos in the twilight of his brilliant career, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pelé) was probably single-handedly responsible for setting off a major surge of soccer interest in the United States.  Prior to joining the Cosmos, Pelé had accomplished some […]

Eddie Firmani

Eddie Firmani (Soccer.  Born, Capetown, South Africa, Aug. 7, 1933.)  Perhaps the finest coach in the history of the North American Soccer League, Edwin Firmani guided two different teams to a total of three Soccer Bowl titles and one of them to an indoor crown as well. Firmani earned a near-legend status for his job […]

Ahmet Ertegun

Ahmet Ertegun (Executive.  Born, Istanbul, Turkey, July 31, 1923; died, New York, NY, Dec. 14, 2006.)  Son of a major force in Turkish political history and a founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun was also one of the most important figures in American soccer in the 20th century.  In 1971, Ertegun and his older brother […]

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer (Soccer. Born, September 11, 1945, Munich, West Germany.)  Fabled throughout Europe for his stylish field generalship that really redefined forms of soccer, Franz Beckenbauer was known to soccer fans as “The Kaiser.”  On May 25, 1977, this world-class player came to America to join a New York Cosmos team that already featured Pele […]

Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto (Soccer.  Born, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 17, 1944.)  Carlos Alberto (Torres) was rated one of the great defenders in soccer during his long career and was selected 73 times for the Brazilian national team.  Alberto joined the Cosmos during the 1977 North American Soccer League season and immediately made a big contribution […]

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