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Jock Whitney

Jock Whitney (Polo and thoroughbred racing.  Born, Ellsworth, ME, Aug. 17, 1904; died, Manhasset, NY, Feb. 8, 1982.)  A polo star, successful racing stable owner, backer of plays and movies, newspaper publisher, savvy investor and radio station owner, John Hay Whitney was, it is safe to say, a man of many roles.  Son of Payne Whitney, […]

Red Smith

Red Smith (Sportswriter.  Born, Green Bay, WI, Sept. 25, 1905; died, New Canaan, CT, Jan. 15, 1982.)  A graduate of Notre Dame, Walter Wellesley Smith began his newspaper career in 1927 with the Milwaukee Sentinel.  He then progressed to the St. Louis Star (1928) and the Philadelphia Record (1937).  He started to gain nationwide fame in […]

Bill Hanna

Bill Hanna (Sportswriter.  Born, Kansas City, MO, 1862; died, Newfoundland, NJ, Nov. 20, 1930.)  For nearly four decades, William B. Hanna covered sports for New York newspapers, starting with The World in 1892.  W.B. Hanna was a byline that was to appear in four other papers in the morning field, starting with the Press in […]

W.O. McGeehan

W.O. McGeehan (Sportswriter. Born, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 22, 1879; died, Brunswick, GA, Nov. 29, 1933.) Among the most important and best-known sportswriters of the 1920s was William O’Connell McGeehan, whose column in the Herald Tribune was entitled “Down the Line.” Bill McGeehan was an Army veteran who served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American […]

Bunk MacBeth

Bunk MacBeth (Sportswriter. Born, Ingersoll, Ont., Aug. 19, 1884; died, Saratoga Springs, NY, Aug. 5, 1937.) Very few sportswriters can claim to have helped bring a major sport to a major city, but William J. MacBeth is one about whom that can be said. Bill MacBeth was largely responsible for bringing the N.H.L. to New […]

Joan Payson

Joan Payson (Baseball.  Born, New York, NY, Feb. 5, 1903; died, New York, NY, Oct. 4, 1975.)  A lifelong fan of baseball and horse racing, Mrs. Charles Shipman Payson could afford to indulge her interest.  Mrs. Payson was born Joan Whitney, an heiress to a sizable fortune.  She owned a share of the New York […]

Red Patterson

Red Patterson (Public relations.  Born, Long Island City, NY, Feb. 1, 1909; died, Fullerton, CA, Feb. 10, 1992.)  Arthur E. (Red) Patterson had the unique distinction of being the first public relations director of the New York Yankees and the last one for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Patterson, a New York University graduate, covered baseball for […]

James Gordon Bennett, Jr.

James Gordon Bennett, Jr. (Yachting, polo.  Born, New York, NY, May 10, 1841; died, Paris, France, May 14, 1918.)  In common with many wealthy young men of his era, James Gordon Bennett, Jr., was both socially prominent and important to the development of sports in the U.S.  Bennett’s father founded the New York Herald in […]

Franklin P. Adams

Franklin P. Adams (Columnist.  Born, Chicago, IL, Nov. 15, 1881; died, New York, NY, Mar. 30, 1960.)  Probably no writer other than Franklin Pierce Adams can claim to have helped put three men indelibly into the consciousness of baseball fans everywhere forever.  Adams started his newspaper career in Chicago but (except for military service in […]

Jesse Abramson

Jesse Abramson (Sportswriter.  Born, Mountain Dale, NY, Mar. 11, 1904; died, Mount Vernon, NY, June 11, 1979.)  In the sports world, the term “walking encyclopedia” is applied to anyone with above-average knowledge of a particular sport.  Jesse Abramson was one of those rare people to whom the term could realistically be applied.  Abramson was a […]

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