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Jack Sulger

Jack Sulger (Rowing.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 20, 1913; died, New York, NY, Jan. 2, 1979.)  One of the most popular and successful coaches in his sport, John J. Sulger was a major force in rowing for over 35 years.  Sulger was a six-time national champion as an oarsman, but earned his greatest distinctions as […]

Giorgio Santelli

Giorgio Santelli (Fencing.  Born, Florence, Italy, Nov. 25, 1897; died, Teaneck, NJ, Oct. 8, 1985.)  Giorgio Santelli wound up in the United States because his father couldn’t be bothered to make the trip. In 1928, Italo Santelli was invited to become the fencing coach of New York Athletic Club in association with James Murray.  He decided […]

Larry Klecatsky

Larry Klecatsky (Rowing.  Born, St. Paul, MN, Aug. 11, 1941.)  Dr. Lawrence J. Klectsky ranks as one of the finest rowers in New York history but it took an accident of military assignment to bring him to New York.  Klecatsky began rowing in 1957 on the Mississippi River as a member of his South St. […]

Jim Murray

Jim Murray (Fencing. Born, Philadelphia, PA, 1871; died, New York, NY, Jan. 28, 1957.) Considered by many historians to be the first American-born fencing coach of international significance, James Murray Jr., coached at the New York Athletic Club for 64 years and taught the Columbia varsity for 50. For three decades, he journeyed annually to […]

Harry Hillman

Harry Hillman (Track and field.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Sept. 8, 1881; died, Hanover, NH, Aug. 9, 1945.)  Starting in 1899 with the Knickerbocker A.C., Harry Livingston Hillman, Jr., was primarily a hurdler.  Hillman, a bank teller by trade, joined the New York A.C. in 1902, two years before he won three Olympic golds.  Hillman was […]

Graeme Hammond

Graeme Hammond (Executive.  Born, Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 1, 1858; died, New York, NY, Oct. 30, 1944.)  A standout athlete at Columbia (1875-78), Graeme Hammond later became a national fencing champion and one of America’s leading amateur athletics executives.  Hammond ran track, rowed crew, and played football at Columbia, winning the I.C.4A. quarter-mile and half-mile in […]

Babe McDonald

Babe McDonald (Track and field. Born, County Clare, Ireland, July 29, 1878; died, New York, NY, May 16, 1954.) A New York police officer who became a star weightman for the New York Athletic Club and U.S. Olympic teams, Patrick J. McDonald was the U.S. shot put champion for 22 years (1911-33). McDonald won Olympic […]

Al Oerter

Al Oerter  (Track and field.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 19, 1936; died, Fort Myers, FL, Oct. 1, 2007.)  Alfred Adolf Oerter, Jr., earned his permanent place in the annals of American sports heroes by becoming the only man ever to win an Olympic gold medal in his specialty in four successive Olympics.  Oerter turned this […]

Harry Pulliam

Harry Pulliam (Executive.  Born, Scottsville, KY, Feb. 8, 1869; died, New York, NY, July 29, 1909.)  Harry Clay Pulliam was elected fifth president of the National League in 1903, a position that was to lead to his premature demise.  During the hot 1908 pennant race between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs, the celebrated “Merkle’s […]

Ron Delany

Ron Delany (Track and field.  Born, Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland, Mar. 6, 1935.)  Both as a Villanova star and as a post-graduate, Ron Delany was one of the great and dominant indoor milers in the history of indoor track at Madison Square Garden, winning all 17 of his Garden miles.  Delany ran for Villanova from […]

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