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Wilbert Robinson

Wilbert Robinson (Baseball.  Born, Hudson, MA, June 29, 1864; died, Atlanta, GA, Aug. 8, 1934.)  After a distinguished playing career as a catcher with Philadelphia (1886-90), Baltimore (1890-99), St. Louis (1900), and Baltimore again (for the new American League franchise, 1901-02), Wilbert Robinson became known to a whole new generation of baseball fans as manager […]

Gil Hodges

Gil Hodges (Baseball.  Born, Princeton, IN, Apr. 4, 1924; died, West Palm Beach, FL, Apr. 2, 1972.)  Gilbert Ray Hodges holds a unique place in the history of New York baseball.  He played on the only Brooklyn Dodgers team ever to win a World Series and he managed the New York Mets to their first […]

Harry Pulliam

Harry Pulliam (Executive.  Born, Scottsville, KY, Feb. 8, 1869; died, New York, NY, July 29, 1909.)  Harry Clay Pulliam was elected fifth president of the National League in 1903, a position that was to lead to his premature demise.  During the hot 1908 pennant race between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs, the celebrated “Merkle’s […]

Warren Giles

Warren Giles (Baseball.  Born, Tiskilwa, IL, May 28, 1896; died, Cincinnati, OH, Feb. 7, 1979.)  From 1918 to 1986, the National League had just four presidents, and Warren Crandall Giles had the longest term in N.L. history, over 18 years.  A veteran of World War I, a minor league club operator and former general manager […]

Chub Feeney

Chub Feeney (Baseball.  Born, Orange, NJ, Aug. 31, 1921; died, San Francisco, CA, Jan. 10, 1994.)  A deceptively bright and warmly charming man, Charles Stoneham Feeney was the nephew of New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham.  A graduate of Dartmouth and Fordham Law School, Feeney became vice president of the Giants in 1946.  After the […]

Candy Cummings

Candy Cummings (Baseball.  Born, Ware, MA, Oct. 18, 1848; died, Toledo, OH, May 16, 1924.)  It is probable, though not absolutely certain, that William Arthur Cummings invented the curveball.  Cummings supposedly studied the flight of seashells tossed at the shore and perfected the wrist motion necessary to make a baseball curve.  In the days before […]

Lord Byron

Lord Byron (Baseball.  Born, Detroit, MI, Sept. 8, 1872; died, Ypsilanti, MI, Dec. 27, 1955.)  Known as “the singing umpire,” William J. Byron had a propensity for singing on the field, often emphasizing his calls with rhymes and tunes.  Byron was a National League umpire for seven seasons (1913-19) and sometimes offended fans with his lyrics.  […]

Morgan Bulkeley

Morgan Bulkeley (Baseball.  Born, East Haddam, CT, Dec. 26, 1837; died, Hartford, CT, Nov. 6, 1922.)  A political power in Connecticut, Morgan Gardner Bulkeley was also a strong force in the organization of baseball’s National League.  As president of the Hartford club, Bulkeley helped convince Eastern clubs to join the N.L. in 1876 and was elected […]

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