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Archie Roberts

Archie Roberts (College football.  Born, Holyoke, MA, Sept. 15, 1903; died, Holyoke, MA, Oct. 6, 1984.)  A part of the fabled “Four Centaurs” backfield on N.Y.U.’s greatest football teams, Arthur Henry Roberts was the halfback partner of Ken Strong (q.v.) in 1926 and 1927.  (The other “Centaurs” were quarterback Jack Connor and fullback Frank Briante […]

Ken Strong

Ken Strong (College and pro football.  Born, West Haven, CT, Apr. 21, 1906; died, New York, NY, Oct. 5, 1979.)  An early star for the Football Giants, and rated by most as New York University’s greatest athlete, Elmer Kenneth Strong was the leader of a college football team that enjoyed the greatest success in the school’s history.  […]

Frank Howley

Frank Howley (College football.  Born, Hampton, NJ, Feb. 3, 1903; died, Warrentown, VA, July 30, 1993.)  As a standout left end on mediocre N.Y.U. teams (1922-24), Frank Leo Howley earned the nickname “Golden Toe” for his placekicking exploits.  Howley became a brigadier general in the U.S. Army during World War II, military governor of Berlin, […]

Bing Miller

Bing Miller (College and pro football. Born, Syracuse, NY, Dec. 6, 1903; died, The Bronx, NY, Oct. 13, 1964.) A standout tackle on the powerhouse N.Y.U. teams (1926-28) led by Ken Strong, John E. Miller then played for Stapleton in the N.F.L. (1929-31). Miller was an administrator in the athletic department at N.Y.U. for nearly […]

Chick Meehan

Chick Meehan (College football. Born, Shelburne Falls, MA, Sept. 5, 1893; died, Syracuse, NY, Nov. 9, 1972.) A combination of strategist and showman, John Francis Meehan coached both New York University and Manhattan during their football glory days. Meehan played at Syracuse and was head coach there (1920-24) before joining N.Y.U. He formed the “Four Centaurs” […]

Herman Olcott

Herman Olcott (College football.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 1, 1879; died, Wallingford, CT, Jan. 4, 1929.)  A Yale all-America center in 1900, Herman P. Olcott was the N.Y.U. football coach for six seasons (1907-12).  Olcott had an unbeaten (6-0-1) team in 1909 and was 18-18-7 as Violets coach.  He came to University Heights after […]

Len Grant

Len Grant (College football.  Born, Boston, MA, Jan. 17, 1905; died, Dedham, MA, Aug. 6,1938.)  One of the standout interior linemen in the East during his career, Leonard T. Grant played for N.Y.U. from 1927 to 1929 and captained the Violets in his senior season.  Grant then played eight seasons with the Football Giants (1930-37).  […]

Dave Fultz

Dave Fultz (Baseball.  Born, Staunton, VA, May 29, 1875; died, DeLand, FL, Oct. 30, 1959.)  Although earning a footnote in Yankees history as the man who got the team’s first extra-base hit in 1903, David Lewis Fultz was better known as an organizer and administrator.  Following a major league outfield stint with Philadelphia (N.L. 1898-99 […]

Howard Dunney

Howard Dunney (College football.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 19, 1912; died, Paramus, NJ, Jan. 31, 2004.)  Among the leading punters in the nation during his career, Howard Edwin Dunney was an end on N.Y.U.’s football varsity from 1935 to 1937.  His punting prowess earned him game Most Valuable Player honors in the 7-6 upset of […]

Hugh Devore

Hugh Devore (College football.  Born, Newark, NJ, Nov. 25, 1910; died, Edmond, OK, Dec. 8, 1992.)  A football player at Notre Dame and captain of its 1934 team, Hugh John Devore was also the last head coach of N.Y.U. varsity football.  Devore was hired to resurrect a failing program that had once filled Yankee Stadium […]

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