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Hannes Kolehmainen

Hannes Kolehmainen (Track. Born, Kuipio, Finland, Dec. 9, 1899; died, Helsinki, Finland, Jan. 11, 1966.) Having won three gold medals in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Hannes Kolehmainen became one of the first famed foreign athletes to venture to New York for the indoor track season. Kolehmainen swept all before him in a time when […]

Walter Koppisch

Walter Koppisch (College football. Born, Pennington, NY, June 6, 1901; died, New York, NY, Nov. 5, 1953.) Ranked among the major names in New York sports in the 1920s, Walter Frederick Koppisch is the only three-time captain in Columbia football history. Koppisch first came to notice in 1921 as a freshman, scoring six touchdowns for […]

Ray Lumpp

Ray Lumpp (Basketball. Born, Brooklyn, NY, July 11, 1924.) For more than six decades, Ray Lumpp has been a major name in New York sports. Lumpp returned from military service in World War II to play on three post-season tournament teams at N.Y.U. and was the second-highest scorer in the 1948 N.I.T. He then played […]

Jimmy Herbert

Jimmy Herbert (Track and field.  Born, New York, NY, July 20, 1915; died, The Bronx, NY, Oct. 23, 1997.)  A middle-distance runner of note, James Bruineo Herbert ran for the Curb Exchange A.A. (1934-37), N.Y.U. (1938-42), and the Grand Street Boys (1943-47).  Herbert is believed to have won more races at Madison Square Garden than […]

Gil Dodds

Gil Dodds (Track and field.  Born, Norcatur, KS, June 23, 1918; died, St. Charles, IL, Feb. 3, 1977.)  From the time he won the 1940 N.C.A.A. cross-country national championship running for Ashland (O.) College, Rev. Gilbert Lothar Dodds was expected to be a major star.  Dodds indeed became the leading miler during and immediately after […]

Sabin W. Carr

Sabin W. Carr (Track and field.  Born, Dubuque, IA, Sept. 4, 1904; died, Ventura, CA, Sept. 11, 1983.)  As the best pole vaulter of his era, Sabin William Carr became a U.S. gold medal Olympian.  Carr was also the first vaulter to clear 14’ (May 28, 1927, I.C.4A. meet at Philadelphia, Penna.).  He won the […]

Bill Bonthron

Bill Bonthron (Track and field.  Born, Detroit, MI, Nov. 1, 1912; died, Princeton, NJ, Jan. 17, 1983.)  One of the star milers of the mid-1930s, William R. Bonthron was a Princeton man who often dwelled in the shadow of the immortal Glenn Cunningham.  But Bonthron’s career was not without its notable successes.  As a junior, […]

Horace Ashenfelter

Horace Ashenfelter (Track and field.  Born, Collegeville, PA, Jan. 23, 1923.)  At the top of his class as an indoor two-miler in the early 1950s, Penn State graduate Horace Ashenfelter, III, was also a U.S. gold medal Olympian in the steeplechase at Helsinki (1952).  That year, Ashenfelter pushed Fred Wilt to a Madison Square Garden […]

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