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Dan Topping

Dan Topping (Baseball, pro football.  Born, Grennwich, CT, June 11, 1912; died, Miami, FL, May 18, 1974.)  Grandson of a former president of Republic Steel on his father’s side and a tin millionaire on his mother’s, Daniel Reid Topping was an above-average amateur golfer, owner of two pro football teams, and an owner of the […]

Max Kase

Max Kase (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, July 21, 1898; died, Yonkers, NY, Mar. 19, 1974.)  Max Kase was known during his years as sports editor of the New York Journal-American for his newsy notes column entitled “Briefkase.”  He had a distinct “nose for news.”  Two years after the merger of the New York American […]

Kirby Higbe

Kirby Higbe (Baseball.  Born, Columbia, SC, Apr. 4, 1915; died, Columbia, SC, May 6, 1985.)  Although he pitched for the Cubs, Phillies, Pirates, and Giants in his 12-year career (1937-43, 1946-50), Walter Kirby Higbe will be most remembered for his 1941 season in Brooklyn, when the righthander was the N.L. top pitcher (22-9) and the […]

Ducky Medwick

Ducky Medwick (Baseball. Born, Carteret, NJ, Nov. 24, 1911; died, St. Petersburg, FL, Mar. 21, 1975.) While he gained his baseball stature with the St. Louis Cardinals (where he won the Triple Crown in 1937), Joseph Michael Medwick was under contract with all three New York teams during his career. Medwick came to Brooklyn with […]

Steve McKeever

Steve McKeever (Baseball. Born, Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 31, 1854; died, Brooklyn, NY, Mar. 7, 1938.) A partner with his brother Edward in a prosperous construction business, Stephen W. McKeever became a part-owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. McKeever was the club’s president from 1933 until his death. He and his brother were approached in 1911 by […]

Larry MacPhail

Larry MacPhail (Baseball. Born, Cass City, MI, Feb. 3, 1890; died, Miami, FL, Oct. 1, 1975.) One of the most flamboyant and truly innovative executives in American sports, Leland S. MacPhail was the chief executive at various times of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees. MacPhail’s major league baseball career began when he […]

Gladys Goodding

Gladys Goodding (Organist.  Born, Macon, MO, June 18, 1893; died, New York, NY, Nov. 18, 1963.)  Gladys Goodding became the most famous organist in sports.  She was the first to play in major league baseball on a regular basis, but her career was actually launched at Madison Square Garden.  She began playing in the Garden […]

Happy Chandler

Happy Chandler (Baseball.  Born, Corydon, KY, July 14, 1898; died, Versailles, KY, June 15, 1991.)  A brash, noisy product of old-style Kentucky Democratic politics, Albert Benjamin Chandler was the second commissioner of baseball (1945-51).  Chandler was also Lieutenant Governor (1931-35), twice Governor (1935-39, 1955-59) and U.S. Senator (1939-45) of his native state.  He followed Kennesaw […]

Charlie Byrne

Charlie Byrne (Baseball.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 10, 1843; died, New York, NY, Jan. 4, 1898.)  Lost in the glare of his more famous successors, Charles H. Byrne is the man who brought big league baseball to Brooklyn.  It was Byrne who started a pro club in 1883, moved it into three leagues in eight […]

Red Barber

Red Barber (Broadcaster.  Born, Columbus, MS, Feb. 17, 1908; died, Tallahassee, FL, Oct. 22, 1992.)  Thanks to 16 seasons behind the microphone on radio and television, Walter Lanier Barber is a warm and pleasant memory in the hearts of Brooklyn Dodgers fans throughout America.  Barber, however, began his broadcast career in 1935 with the Cincinnati […]

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