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Del Webb

Del Webb (Baseball.  Born, Fresno, CA, May 17, 1899; died, Rochester, MN, July 4, 1974.)  A major construction magnate and a former minor league pitcher, Del E. Webb was an ownership partner of the Yankees for two decades.  Along with Dan Topping (q.v.) and Larry MacPhail (q.v.), Webb bought the Yankees Jan. 26, 1945, for […]

Bill Slocum, Sr.

Bill Slocum, Sr. (Sportswriter.  Born, Winsted, CT, Dec. 17, 1883; died, New York, NY, May 6, 1943.)  Among the most prominent baseball writers and sports editors of his era, William Joseph Slocum started his rise with the Waterbury (Conn.) American in 1906.  Slocum became sports editor of the American, that city’s afternoon paper, in 1908, but […]

Garry Schumacher

Garry Schumacher (Public relations.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 2, 1901; died, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 22, 1978.)  He was effectively the only head publicist the Giants ever had in New York, but Garry Schumacher also had a lengthy career as a sportswriter.  Born in Greenpoint, Schumacher began as a teenager with the Brooklyn Standard-Banner and then […]

Stan Saplin

Stan Saplin (Public address.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 12, 1914; died, New York, NY, Mar. 1, 2002.)  One of the most respected figures in the New York sports field, Stanley Saplin became most identified with New York University during his long career. However, he also served such varied  organizations as the New York Rangers, the […]

Barney Kremenko

Barney Kremenko (Spotrswriter. Born, Brooklyn, NY, May 8, 1909; died, Mineola, NY, Jan. 20, 1990.) Easily one of the most popular sportswriters of his time, Bernard Irwin Kremenko worked for the Journal-American for 27 years (1939-66). During that period, Kremenko covered many of the most famous moments in New York baseball history, including Bobby Thomson’s […]

Max Kase

Max Kase (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, July 21, 1898; died, Yonkers, NY, Mar. 19, 1974.)  Max Kase was known during his years as sports editor of the New York Journal-American for his newsy notes column entitled “Briefkase.”  He had a distinct “nose for news.”  Two years after the merger of the New York American […]

Burris Jenkins

Burris Jenkins (Cartoonist.  Born, Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 8, 1896; died, Hollywood, FL, Feb. 26, 1966.)  Although he came to be regarded as one of the top sports cartoonists in America during his 35-year career with the New York Journal and Journal-American, Burris Atkins Jenkins, Jr. came to that station in life by a circuitous route. […]

Sid Mercer

Sid Mercer (Sportswriter. Born, Paxson, IL, Aug. 4, 1880; died, New York, NY, June 19, 1945.) Starting a sportswriting career with the St. Louis Republic in 1902, James Sidney Mercer became the traveling secretary of the St. Louis Browns A.L. club in 1903. After two seasons, Mercer returned to sportswriting with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch […]

Dan Parker

Dan Parker (Sports editor.  Born, Waterbury, CT, July 1, 1893; died, Waterbury, CT, May 20, 1967.)  Among the longest-serving sports editors and columnists ever in New York, Daniel Francis Parker was titular head of the sports department at the Daily Mirror for 37 years (1926-63).  A physically large man (6’4”, 250 pounds), Parker was often […]

Frank Graham

Frank Graham (Sportswriting.  Born, New York, NY, Nov. 13, 1893; died, New York, NY, Mar. 9, 1965.)  There is little doubt that Frank Graham was one of the major forces in the evolution of sportswriting in New York.  His keen ear for dialogue and incredible memory enabled him to recreate dugout and lockerroom conversation verbatim […]

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