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Harry Pulliam

Harry Pulliam (Executive.  Born, Scottsville, KY, Feb. 8, 1869; died, New York, NY, July 29, 1909.)  Harry Clay Pulliam was elected fifth president of the National League in 1903, a position that was to lead to his premature demise.  During the hot 1908 pennant race between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs, the celebrated “Merkle’s […]

Burleigh Grimes

Burleigh Grimes (Baseball.  Born, Emerald, WI, Aug. 18, 1893; died, Clear Lake, WI, Dec. 6, 1985.)  Of the nine spitball pitchers allowed to ply their messy trade legally after the 1919 season, Burleigh Arland Grimes made the biggest impression, pitching for all three New York teams of his time.  Grimes spent most of his best […]

Judge Emil Fuchs

Judge Emil Fuchs (Baseball.  Born, Hamburg, Germany, Apr. 17, 1878; died, Boston, MA, Dec. 5, 1961.)  An emigrant as a child who was graduated from N.Y.U. Law School, Emil E. Fuchs became a New York City magistrate and then owner of the Boston Braves in 1923.  Fuchs was friendly with Giants manager John McGraw and […]

Frankie Frisch

Frankie Frisch (Baseball.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 9, 1898; died, Wilmington, DE, Mar. 12, 1973.)  Frankie Francis Frisch was known throughout his baseball career as the “Fordham Flash” for good reason.  Fordham  incubated Frisch’s talents. He attended Fordham Grammar School, Fordham Prep and Fordham College.  His speed earned him the sobriquet “flash” as a youngster and […]

Andrew Freedman

Andrew Freedman (Baseball.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 1, 1860; died, New York, NY, Dec. 4, 1915.)  There have been many colorful and controversial team owners in New York sports, but few as confrontational, combative, and thin-skinned as Andrew Freedman.  Freedman was a politically-connected Democrat with ties to Tammany Hall boss Richard Croker who prospered […]

Joe Durso

Joe Durso (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, June 22, 1924; died, Stony Brook, NY, Dec. 31, 2004.)  Known in baseball press boxes as “The Count,” Joseph Paul Durso was an elegant baseball writer for The New York Times for over two decades who later wrote extensively about thoroughbred racing.  In the 1970s, Durso covered primarily […]

Phil Douglas

Phil Douglas (Baseball.  Born, Cedartown, GA, June 17, 1890; died, Seguatchie Valley, TN, Aug. 1, 1952.)  A talented righthanded spitballer, Phillip Brooks Douglas tried to drink his way out of the majors.  When that didn’t work, Douglas let his hatred for his manager get him barred for life.  In a career that included stops with […]

Sam Crane

Sam Crane (Sportswriter.  Born, Springfield, MA, Jan. 2, 1854; died, The Bronx, NY, July 26, 1925.)  After a seven-year career with eight big league teams, Samuel Newhall Crane became a prominent New York baseball writer.  As it turned out, Crane’s writing career was much longer and more celebrated than his playing career.  He was a […]

Tom Connolly

Tom Connolly (Baseball.  Born, Manchester, England, Dec. 31, 1870; died, Natick, MA, Apr. 28, 1961.)  The man who for decades defined the difference between N.L. and A.L. umpires was Thomas Henry Connolly.  An N.L. arbiter for two seasons (1898-99), Connolly quit what was then the only major league because of what he felt was a […]

Happy Jack Chesbro

Happy Jack Chesbro (Baseball.  Born, North Adams, MA, June 5, 1874; died, Conway, MA, Nov. 6, 1931.)  The reverberations that followed from the 1904 A.L. pennant race were created almost entirely by righthanded spitballer John Dwight Chesbro, who nearly pitched the nascent Highlanders (later known as the Yankees) to the league title.  Chesbro’s 41 wins […]

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