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Stanley Woodward

Stanley Woodward (Sports editor.  Born, Worcester, MA, June 5, 1895; died, White Plains, NY, Nov. 29, 1965.)  One of the most colorful and respected sports editors in the annals of New York journalism, Rufus Stanley Woodward, Jr., served two terms as head of the sports department at the fabled Herald Tribune.  Woodward played football at […]

Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace (Sportswriter.  Born, Washington, DC, Apr. 29, 1924.)  In a career that spanned over a half-century, William Noble Wallace wrote sports for three major New York newspapers.  Wallace, fresh out of Yale, started at the World-Telegram as a yachting writer in March 1949.  He moved to the Herald Tribune in 1957, initially for the […]

Richards Vidmer

Richards Vidmer (Sportswriter.  Born, Fort Riley, KS, Oct. 7, 1898; died, Calloway, KY, July 23, 1978.)  As much an athlete as a sportswriter, Richards Vidmer was more of an unorthodox character than anything.  Son of a U.S. Army cavalry officer, Vidmer was headed to West Point from St. Luke’s School in Wayne, Penna., in 1917, […]

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor (Sportswriter.  Born, New Bedford, MA, May 31, 1901; died, Port Washington, NY, Jan. 6, 1966.)  As the first sportswriter to win a Pulitzer Prize and the only one to win it for contemporaneous reporting, William H. Taylor stands alone in his field.  Taylor graduated Dartmouth in 1923 and joined the Herald Tribune, where […]

Harold Rosenthal

Harold Rosenthal (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 11, 1914; died, Colorado Springs, CO, June 29, 1999.)  Joining the Herald Tribune at age 17, Harold Rosenthal rose to become a leading baseball and pro football writer.  Rosenthal began covering local tennis events in the 1930s and became a contributor to annual guides on the sport.  […]

Grantland Rice

Grantland Rice (Sportswriter.  Born, Murfreesboro, TN, Nov. 1, 1880; died, New York, NY, July 13, 1954.)  Perhaps the most legendary name in American sportswriting, Henry Grantland Rice was also one of the kindest, most pleasant men in a profession often populated by the abrasive.  Rice, a good athlete in his time, played football and baseball at […]

Rud Rennie

Rud Rennie (Sportswriter.  Born, Toronto, Ont., Aug. 8, 1894; died, Huntington, LI, Oct. 6, 1956.)  Coming to the U.S. as a young man, Clare Rutherford Rennie worked many odd jobs (including stevedore), but turned to newspaper reporting after service in the U.S. Army during World War I.  Rennie began his career with the morning Sun in […]

Leonard Koppett

Leonard Koppett (Sportswriter. Born, Moscow, U.S.S.R., Sept. 15, 1923; died, San Francisco, CA, June 22, 2003.) The first sportswriter to subject the games themselves to analytical scrutiny and intellectual father of the basketball play-by-play, Leonard Koppett wrote for three major New York dailies for nearly four decades. A Columbia graduate, Koppett brought his analytical approach to, […]

John Kieran

John Kieran (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Aug. 2, 1892; died, Rockport, MA, Dec. 10, 1981.)  Probably the most intellectual sports columnist ever in New York, John Francis Kieran was also the first regularly by-lined sportswriter ever at The New York Times.  Kieran graduated from Fordham in 1912 and joined The Times for the first […]

Roger Kahn

Roger Kahn (Sportswriter.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 31, 1927.)  Joining the New York Herald Tribune fresh out of N.Y.U. in 1948, Roger Kahn began his career as a general assignment reporter but gravitated to sports.  During that period, Kahn covered the Dodgers in Brooklyn but left the paper in 1955 to become a contributor to […]

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