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Ingemar Johansson

Ingemar Johansson (Boxing.  Born, Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct. 16, 1932; died, Kungsbacka, Sweden, Jan. 30, 2009.)  Heavyweight champion for just over 51 weeks in 1959-60, Ingemar Johansson both won and lost the title in New York.  Johansson became the champion June 26, 1959, by virtue of a third-round knockout of Floyd Patterson at Yankee Stadium.  He lost the […]

Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes (Boxing. Born, Cuthbert, GA, Nov. 3, 1949.)  No heavyweight ever demonstrated a sharper left jab than Larry Holmes. He could unleash his signature punch while back pedaling and still snap an opponent’s head. This was the consummate boxer. Though not particularly fast, Holmes mastered the art of cutting off the ring until his […]

Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano (Boxing. Born, Brockington, MA, Sept. 1, 1923; died, Newton, IA, Aug. 31, 1969.) As the only undefeated heavyweight champion in ring history, Rocky Marciano is unique. Rocco Francis Marciano was a popular champion with New Yorkers and he made four of his six title defenses in New York, as well as fighting six […]

Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier (Boxing.  Born, Beaufort, SC, Jan. 12, 1944; died, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 7, 2011.)  A central figure in one of the most celebrated New York sports events ever, Smokin’ Joe Frazier was undisputed world heavyweight champion (1971-73).  Frazier won his first 19 fights (17 by knockout) before taking the New York version of the […]

Richard Kyle Fox

Richard Kyle Fox (Sports editor.  Born, Belfast, Ireland, Aug. 12, 1846; died, Red Bank, NJ, Nov. 14, 1922.)  Among the major influences that made sports a significant part of the American culture, Richard Kyle Fox’s Police Gazette must rank high on any list.  Fox turned the Police Gazette into a national sports weekly.  Fox came […]

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan (Boxing.  Born, Chicago, IL, June 23, 1893; died, New York, NY, June 15, 1924.)  One of the most popular heavyweights of his time, William James Brennan was the ring name of William Schenk.  Brennan was Jack Dempsey’s opponent when the reigning heavyweight champion made his only Madison Square Garden appearance Dec. 14, 1920.  Brennan […]

Bill Brady

Billy Brady (Boxing, bike racing.  Born, San Francisco, CA, June 19, 1863; died, New York, NY, Jan. 6, 1950.)  A successful Broadway producer and sports promoter, Billy Brady was also a theatre operator and the only man to manage two heavyweight champions.  Brady promoted bike racing champion Major Taylor and managed both James J. Corbett and […]

James Braddock

James Braddock (Boxing.  Born, New York, NY, June 7, 1906; died, North Bergen, NJ, Nov. 29, 1974.)  In 1950 when The Associated Press conducted a poll to determine the greatest sports upsets of first half of the 20th century,  James J. Braddock’s heavyweight championship victory over Max Baer was ranked fourth on the list.  Such was […]

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (Boxing.  Born, Louisville, KY, Jan. 17, 1942.)  Known in his earlier years as Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali is one of the most exciting and controversial heavyweight champions in the history of the sport and, by his own admission, “The Greatest.”  Ali was the national A.A.U. light heavyweight champion, the Golden Gloves heavyweight titlist […]

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