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Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson (Tennis.  Born, Sumpter, NY, Aug. 25, 1927; died, East Orange, NJ, Sept. 28, 2003.)  Perhaps the phrase “breaking down the barriers” is thrown around a bit too loosely.  When it comes to being a true pioneer and surviving in the face of prejudice to become a champion, however, Althea Gibson (later Mrs. Darden) […]

Vic Ghezzi

Vic Ghezzi (Golf.  Born, Rumson, NJ, Oct. 19, 1911; died, Miami Beach, FL, May 30, 1976.)  Although he subsequently played out of Kansas City, Mo., and Florida, Victor Ghezzi began his career as a tournament player and club pro in his native New Jersey.  Ghezzi, though in military service, won the New Jersey Open in […]

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner (Golf, track, racquets.  Born, Hinsdale, IL, Apr. 9, 1890; died, Lake Forest, IL, June 21, 1956.)  Perhaps the only man ever to win major championships in three significant sports, Robert Gardner was a Yale graduate who was four times a finalist in the national amateur golf championship.  Gardner won the golf title in […]

Ed Furgol

Ed Furgol (Golf.  Born, New York Mills, NY, Mar. 27, 1919; died, Miami Shores, FL, Mar. 6, 1997.)  For sheer determination, there has rarely been a professional golfer who equaled Edward B. Furgol.  Furgol played touring pro with a crooked left arm as the result of a childhood accident. Yet, he challenged for most of […]

Johnny Farrell

Johnny Farrell (Golf.  Born, White Plains, NY, Apr. 1, 1901; died, Boynton Beach, FL, June 14, 1988.)  After a career that lasted some 15 years as a touring pro, Johnny Farrell achieved additional fame as the home pro at the fabled Baltrusol club in Springfield, N.J., for 38 years.  Farrell first hit the touring circuit […]

Wes Ellis, Jr.

Wes Ellis, Jr. (Golf.  Born, Kansas City, MO, Jan. 27, 1932; died, Teaneck, NJ, June 4, 1984.)  Head pro at the Westchester Country Club for 17 years (1967-84), Wesley B. Ellis, Jr., was also a touring P.G.A. pro.  Ellis won the Canadian Open in 1958 and the Texas Open the next year while on the […]

Olin Dutra

Olin Dutra (Golf.  Born, Monterrey, CA, Jan. 17, 1901; died, Newman, CA, May 5, 1983.)  A touring pro in the 1930s, Olin Dutra won many major tournaments, including the Metropolitan Open and P.G.A. championship in 1932 and the U.S. Open in 1934.

Leo Diegel

Leo Diegel (Golf.  Born, Detroit, MI, Apr. 27, 1899; died, North Hollywood, CA, May 8, 1951.)  First coming to fame at Lochmoor in Michigan, Leo Diegel eventually settled in Agua Caliente, in California, as his home course, but in between played out of New York and New Jersey.  Capable of great shot-making, Diegel was always […]

Joe Dey

Joe Dey (Golf.  Born, Norfolk, VA, Nov. 17, 1907; died, Locust Valley, NY, Mar. 4, 1991.)  Known universally as “Mr. Golf,” Joseph C. Dey, Jr., was executive director of the U.S. Golf Association for 34 years (1934-68).  Dey then made one of the most surprising moves in the political history of golf when, at the […]

Jimmy Demaret

Jimmy Demaret (Golf.  Born, Houston, TX, May 10, 1910; died, Houston, TX, Dec. 28, 1983.)  Although his appearances in the northeast were limited mainly to the U.S. Open, James Newton Demaret was a major name in golf thanks to his three victories at the Masters (1940, ’47, ’50).

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