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Bill Tilden

Bill Tilden (Tennis.  Born, Germantown, PA, Feb. 10, 1893; died, Los Angeles, CA, June 5, 1953.)  During the “Golden Age of Sports,” Bill Tilden was one of the great names of the age, ranking with Babe Ruth (q.v.), Jack Dempsey (q.v.), and Bobby Jones (q.v.).  Known as “Big Bill,” Tilden in comparison to his smaller […]

Billy Talbert

Billy Talbert (Tennis.  Born, Cincinnati, OH, Sept. 4, 1918; died, New York, NY, Feb. 28, 1999.)  William F. Talbert was a man of many parts. A tireless campaigner for a diabetes cure, a former U.S. Davis Cup captain, one of the leading doubles players in American tennis history, twice a national singles finalist and the […]

Jack Kramer

Jack Kramer (Tennis. Born, Monticello, CA, Aug. 1, 1921; died, Bel Air, CA, Sept. 12, 2009.) Rated as the brightest star in men’s tennis in the years immediately following World War II, John Albert Kramer later became a successful promoter of the professional sport. Kramer might have had an even more dominant career as a […]

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston (Tennis.  Born, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 21, 1894; died, San Francisco, CA, May 1, 1946.)  When the U.S. national tennis championship moved to New York in 1915, William M. Johnston was the first to win the men’s singles title at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills.  Johnston was later to become […]

Helen Hull Jacobs

Helen Hull Jacobs (Tennis.  Born, Globe, AZ, Aug. 6, 1908; died, East Hampton, NY, June 2, 1997.)  A dominating force in women’s tennis for 15 years leading up to World War II, Helen Hull Jacobs was a four-time U.S. singles champion.  Jacobs made the singles final at Forest Hills eight times in 13 years (1928-40), […]

Helen Wills Moody

Helen Wills Moody (Tennis. Born, Centerville, CA, Oct. 6, 1905; died, Carmel, CA, Jan. 1, 1998.) By far the most impressive female sports personality of her time and a seven-time champion of the U.S. national singles at Forest Hills, Helen Newington Wills was the lone woman classed among the greats in the “Golden Age of […]

Slew Hester

Slew Hester (Tennis.  Born, Hazlehurst, Mass, May 8, 1912; died, Jackson, Miss., Feb. 8, 1993.)  By the time he assumed the U.S. Tennis Association presidency in 1977, William Ewing Hester, Jr., had already set in motion events that were to have a profound effect on tennis around the world, but especially in New York.  Hester, […]

Doris Hart

Doris Hart (Tennis.  Born, St. Louis, MO, June 20, 1925.)  Among the dominant players in women’s tennis in the 1950s, Doris Hart was twice U.S. singles champion.  Hart was the second of the eight women to win all three other “grand slam” singles titles and won nine U.S. national doubles championships.  She won the U.S. […]

Darlene Hard

Darlene Hard (Tennis.  Born, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 6, 1936.)  As the national intercollegiate champion in 1958 from little-known Pomona (Calif.), Darlene R. Hard was marked as a rising star in U.S. tennis.  Hard fulfilled those expectations by attaining the U.S. No. 1 ranking four times (1960-63) while winning eight titles in the national championships.  […]

Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen (Tennis. Born, Paris, France, May 24, 1899; died, Paris, France, July 4, 1938.) The prima donna assoluta of European women’s tennis after World War I, Suzanne Lenglen made only one trip to the U.S. nationals at Forest Hills. That was in 1921, when he lost to eventual champion Molla Bjurstedt Mallory. Lenglen dominated […]

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