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Harry Henshel

Harry Henshel (Executive.  Born, Rochester, NY, June 29, 1890; died, New York, NY, May 15, 1961.)  A one-time clerk for the Erie Railroad, Harry Davis Henshel married Emily Bulova Apr. 22, 1918, and joined his father-in-law’s watch company, then headquartered in Flushing, Queens.  By 1930, Henshel was a vice president and later vice chairman of […]

Graeme Hammond

Graeme Hammond (Executive.  Born, Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 1, 1858; died, New York, NY, Oct. 30, 1944.)  A standout athlete at Columbia (1875-78), Graeme Hammond later became a national fencing champion and one of America’s leading amateur athletics executives.  Hammond ran track, rowed crew, and played football at Columbia, winning the I.C.4A. quarter-mile and half-mile in […]

Murray Olderman

Murray Olderman (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 27, 1922.)  A multi-talented sportswriter, cartoonist, and executive, Murray Olderman filled all three roles with the Newspaper Enterprise Association for 18 years (1953-71).  Olderman was not only a nationally-known cartoonist and writer, but also became executive editor of the N.E.A.  He authored several books on sports such […]

Floyd Odlum

Floyd Odlum (Executive.  Born, Union City, MI, Mar. 30, 1892; died, Indio, CA, June 17, 1976.)  A law graduate of the University of Colorado, Floyd Bostwick Odlum came to New York in 1917 to join the firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, specializing in utilities work.  In 1923, Odlum and his first wife with a […]

Harry Pulliam

Harry Pulliam (Executive.  Born, Scottsville, KY, Feb. 8, 1869; died, New York, NY, July 29, 1909.)  Harry Clay Pulliam was elected fifth president of the National League in 1903, a position that was to lead to his premature demise.  During the hot 1908 pennant race between the Giants and the Chicago Cubs, the celebrated “Merkle’s […]

Pat Powers

Pat Powers (Executive.  Born, Trenton, NJ, June 27, 1860; died, Belmar, NJ, Aug. 27, 1925.)  For nearly three decades, Patrick Thomas Powers was a major figure in New York-area sports.  He was involved with the promotion of early six-day bike races at Madison Square Garden in the 1890s after a brief stint managing the Giants […]

Fred Podesta

Fred Podesta (Executive.  Born, Hoboken, NJ, Mar. 3, 1914; died, New York, NY, Nov. 15, 1999.)  Distinguished as the Knicks’ first official general manager, Frederick Joseph Podesta was also a pioneer in the promotion of tennis with the coming of the Open Era in 1968.  After 11 years as traveling secretary and a business manager […]

Steve Gutman

Steve Gutman (Executive.  Born, The Bronx, NY, Jan. 24, 1935.)  After being named Jets president June 14, 1988, succeeding the late Jim Kensil, Steve Gutman became one of the most respected chief executives in the N.F.L.  Upon the death of owner Leon Hess (May 7, 1999), Gutman was named in the owner’s Will to assist […]

Luther Halsey Gulick

Luther Halsey Gulick (Executive.  Born, Honolulu, H.T., Dec. 14, 1865; died, South Casco, ME, Aug. 13, 1918.)  At least partial credit for the invention of basketball goes to Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick.  Gulick was Dr. James Naismith’s supervisor at the Springfield (Mass.) Y.M.C.A. school in 1891 when he urged Naismith to create “an indoor game” to […]

Stanton Griffis

Stanton Griffis (Executive.  Born, Boston, MA, May 2, 1887; died, New York, NY, Aug. 29, 1974.)  Noted principally as an investment banker and diplomat, Stanton Griffis was also associated with Madison Square Garden for more than two decades as a director, including 12 years as chairman (1935-47).  Graduating from Cornell in 1910, Griffis began a […]

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