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Joe King

Joe King (Sportswriter.  Born, Jersey City, NJ, May 19, 1908; died, Ridgewood, NJ, Apr. 16, 1979.)  Recognized as one of the first writers to see pro football as a major national sport, Joseph King began his career as a yachting writer.  King joined the Evening Telegram in 1930.  The paper became the World-Telegram in 1931 […]

Fred Lieb

Fred Lieb (Sportswriter. Born, Philadelphia, PA, Mar. 6, 1888; died, Houston, TX, June 3, 1980.) From railroad clerk to national president of the B.B.W.A.A., Frederick George Lieb was among the best-known New York baseball writers of the 1920s. Lieb spent six years in his youth as a clerk for the Norfolk and Western Railroad, but […]

Ned Irish

Ned Irish (Executive.  Born, Lake George, NY, May 6, 1905; died, Venice, FL, Jan. 21, 1982.)  Edward Simmons Irish didn’t invent basketball, but he sure helped make it popular.  After working his way through the University of Pennsylvania, Irish came to New York in 1928 as a sportswriter for the Evening Telegram.  In 1930, he […]

Tom Meany

Tom Meany (Sportswriter. Born, Brooklyn, NY, Sept. 21, 1903; died, New York, NY, Sept. 11, 1964.) A well-travelled but very skilled member of the sportswriting corps, Thomas William Meany was also the Mets’ first public relations director in 1962. Meany covered the Dodgers for the Brooklyn Daily Times for six seasons, starting in 1923, and […]

Pat McDonough

Pat McDonough (Sportswriter. Born, Fargo, ND, Mar. 11, 1906; died, Kearny, NJ, Mar. 1, 1996.) On July 1, 1925, when the Evening Telegram was still located at 73 Dey Street in Manhattan, Patrick J. McDonough reported to work as a copy boy. In 1927, McDonough – who was known as “the figure filbert of the […]

John B. Foster

John B. Foster (Sportswriter.  Born, Norwalk, OH, July 16, 1863; died, Washington, DC, Sept. 29, 1941.)  Successor, in 1908, to Henry Chadwick as editor of Spalding’s Baseball Guide, John B. Foster was also active as a sportswriter for over 50 years.  Starting in Cleveland, O., in 1888, when he covered his first major league game, Foster […]

Nat Fleischer

Nat Fleischer (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Nov. 3, 1887; died, New York, NY, June 25, 1972.)  Considered the world’s foremost boxing authority during his lifetime, Nathaniel Stanley Fleischer started out to be a schoolteacher.  Fleischer taught in New York City schools for four years (1908-12) after graduating from City College.  Then the sportswriting urge […]

Al Munro Elias

Al Munro Elias (Statistician.  Born, Charleston, SC, June 5, 1872; died, New York, NY, Aug. 1, 1939.)  A salesman who peddled shoes, shirts, salad oils and other sundry items, Al Munro Elias was to have a profound effect on baseball statistics.  Elias came to New York in 1899 an ardent baseball fan.  While pursuing his […]

Bozeman Bulger

Bozeman Bulger (Sportswriter.  Born, Dadeville, AL, Nov. 22, 1877, died, Lynbrook, LI, May 22, 1932.)  A lawyer and military officer, Bozeman Bulger was also a leading baseball writer for The Evening World for most of a quarter-century.  Bulger joined The Evening World in 1905, was a charter member of the B.B.W.A.A. in 1908, and was with […]

Heywood Broun

Heywood Broun (Sportswriter.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 7, 1888; died, New York, NY, Dec. 18, 1939.)  Matthew Heywood Campbell Broun wrote more than 21 million words in a professional career that extended from 1908-39.  While much of this was political commentary, Broun got his start as a New York sportswriter initially during a break from his […]

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