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Garry Schumacher

Garry Schumacher (Public relations.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 2, 1901; died, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 22, 1978.)  He was effectively the only head publicist the Giants ever had in New York, but Garry Schumacher also had a lengthy career as a sportswriter.  Born in Greenpoint, Schumacher began as a teenager with the Brooklyn Standard-Banner and then […]

Stan Lomax

Stan Lomax (Broadcaster. Born, Pittsburgh, PA, May 20, 1899; died, Ossining, NY, June 26, 1987.) While Mel Allen, Red Barber and Russ Hodges were the sports voices of New York summers for decades, Henry Stanley Lomax was the voice for all seasons. Lomax presented “the day’s doings in the world of sports,” a 15-minute nightly broadcast […]

Hype Igoe

Hype Igoe (Sportswriter.  Born, Santa Cruz, CA, June 13, 1885; died, Queens, NY, Feb. 11, 1945.)  Coming from California in 1907 as a sports cartoonist, Herbert A. Igoe became one of New York’s leading boxing writers.  After a brief sojourn at the Evening Journal under the eye of his sponsor, Tad Dorgan, Igoe spent 20 years […]

Sid Mercer

Sid Mercer (Sportswriter. Born, Paxson, IL, Aug. 4, 1880; died, New York, NY, June 19, 1945.) Starting a sportswriting career with the St. Louis Republic in 1902, James Sidney Mercer became the traveling secretary of the St. Louis Browns A.L. club in 1903. After two seasons, Mercer returned to sportswriting with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch […]

W.O. McGeehan

W.O. McGeehan (Sportswriter. Born, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 22, 1879; died, Brunswick, GA, Nov. 29, 1933.) Among the most important and best-known sportswriters of the 1920s was William O’Connell McGeehan, whose column in the Herald Tribune was entitled “Down the Line.” Bill McGeehan was an Army veteran who served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American […]

Maureen Orcutt

Maureen Orcutt (Golf.  Born, New York, Apr. 1, 1907; died, Durham, N.C., Jan. 9, 2007.)   One of the “Big Four” of women’s golf in the 1930s and 1940s, Maureen Orcutt was a dominant figure in her sport as an amateur in the days before the formation of the women’s pro tour.  She was a leading […]

Leo O’Mealia

Leo O’Mealia (Cartoonist.  Born, LeRoy, NY, Mar. 31, 1884; died, Brooklyn, NY, May 7, 1960.)  On the day after the Brooklyn Dodgers won their first (and only) World Series in October 1955, the front page of the New York Daily News was adorned for the first time in its history with a cartoon, entitled “Who’s […]

Lawrence Perry

Lawrence Perry (Sportswriter.  Born, Newark, NJ, Nov. 10, 1875; died, Glen Ridge, NJ, Sept. 6, 1954.)  Among the first syndicated sports columnists in the U.S., Lawrence Perry was also the founding editor of Yachting Magazine, a novelist, and a playwright.  Perry left Princeton in 1897 to join The Sun evening editions as a writer, spent […]

Johnny Farrell

Johnny Farrell (Golf.  Born, White Plains, NY, Apr. 1, 1901; died, Boynton Beach, FL, June 14, 1988.)  After a career that lasted some 15 years as a touring pro, Johnny Farrell achieved additional fame as the home pro at the fabled Baltrusol club in Springfield, N.J., for 38 years.  Farrell first hit the touring circuit […]

Bill Farnsworth

Bill Farnsworth (Sports editor.  Born, Milbury, MA, June 7, 1885; died, New York, NY, July 10, 1945.)  Part of the triumvirate of Hearst newspaper stars who dominated the boxing business in New York in the 1920s, Wilton Simpson Farnsworth was sports editor of the Evening Journal for its last 12 years (1925-37).  Farnsworth teamed with […]

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