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Bill Tilden

Bill Tilden (Tennis.  Born, Germantown, PA, Feb. 10, 1893; died, Los Angeles, CA, June 5, 1953.)  During the “Golden Age of Sports,” Bill Tilden was one of the great names of the age, ranking with Babe Ruth (q.v.), Jack Dempsey (q.v.), and Bobby Jones (q.v.).  Known as “Big Bill,” Tilden in comparison to his smaller […]

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston (Tennis.  Born, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 21, 1894; died, San Francisco, CA, May 1, 1946.)  When the U.S. national tennis championship moved to New York in 1915, William M. Johnston was the first to win the men’s singles title at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills.  Johnston was later to become […]

John McEnroe

John McEnroe (Tennis. Born, Wiesbaden, West Germany, Feb. 16, 1959.) John Patrick McEnroe, Jr., was often considered a tennis artist, using a deft touch and the possibilities afforded by the game’s geometry to craft court brilliance. And, like many artists, he was boorish, vulgar, and impatient with societal norms, his transgressions sometimes – though not […]

Carl Martin

Carl Martin (Public address. Born, West New York, NJ, Mar. 13, 1919; died, Lakewood, NJ, May 10, 2009 .) Carl Martin worked as a sports columnist, a publicist and group ticket salesman before finding a niche as a public address announcer, initially as a backup to the great John Condon at Madison Square Garden. Martin began filling […]

Vitas Gerulaitis

Vitas Gerulaitis (Tennis.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, July 26, 1954; died, Southampton, NY, Sept. 18, 1994.)  Leaving Columbia after his freshman year to turn pro was a good decision for Vitas K. Gerulaitis, although it generated some condemnation at the time.  By 1977, Gerulaitis had broken into the top 10 money winners on the pro tour, […]

Dwight Filley Davis

Dwight Filley Davis (Tennis.  Born, St. Louis, MO, July 5, 1879; died, Washington, DC, Nov. 28, 1945.)  A Harvard man who donated one of the most celebrated trophies in sports, Dwight Filley Davis played singles in the first Davis Cup matches in 1900 and a losing doubles match in the second international team event in […]

Henri Cochet

Henri Cochet (Tennis.  Born, Villeurbanne, France, Dec. 14, 1901; died, Paris, France, Apr. 1, 1987.)  One of the celebrated “Four Musketeers” of French tennis, Henri Cochet was part of the quartet that dominated the sport in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  Cochet teamed with Rene Lacoste, Jacques Brugnon, and Jean Borotra to win the Davis […]

Jean Borotra

Jean Borotra (Tennis.  Born, Biarritz, France, Aug. 13, 1898; died, Arbonne, France, July 17, 1994.)  A French Davis Cup hero and winner of three of the four major tournaments during his career, Jean Borotra missed only at Forest Hills.  Borotra, known as the “Bounding Basque,” lost an all-French final to Rene Lacoste in 1926, 6-4, […]

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe (Tennis.  Born, Richmond, VA, July 10, 1943; died, New York, NY, Feb. 6, 1993.)  Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr., was not only one of America’s top tennis players for nearly two decades, but he was also the protagonist in one of the strangest stories in the history of tennis.  Since the inception of the […]

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