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George Weiss

George Weiss (Baseball.  Born, New Haven, CT, June 23, 1895; died, Greenwich, CT, Aug. 13, 1972.)  If any baseball executive in New York history matched the acumen of Ed Barrow or Branch Rickey, George Martin Weiss was that man.  Weiss was the Yankees general manager from 1948-60, during which time the team exerted the greatest […]

Dan Topping

Dan Topping (Baseball, pro football.  Born, Grennwich, CT, June 11, 1912; died, Miami, FL, May 18, 1974.)  Grandson of a former president of Republic Steel on his father’s side and a tin millionaire on his mother’s, Daniel Reid Topping was an above-average amateur golfer, owner of two pro football teams, and an owner of the […]

Bob Sheppard

Bob Sheppard (Public address.  Born, Richmond Hill, Queens, Oct. 20, 1910; died, Baldwin, NY, July 11, 2010.)  Robert Leo Sheppard possessed one of the most memorable voices in the history of New York sports and a style of enunciation that has never been equalled.  Although almost everyone associates him with New York Yankees baseball games, where […]

Bruiser Kinard

Bruiser Kinard (Pro football.  Born, Pelahatchie, MS, Oct. 23, 1914; died, Jackson, MS, Sept. 7, 1985.)  Best of a Mississippi football-playing family, Frank Kinard was an all-N.F.L. tackle four times in his seven seasons (1938-44) with Brooklyn.  Kinard was a linebacker who helped form the core of the Dodgers defense in addition to playing tackle […]

Max Kase

Max Kase (Sports editor.  Born, New York, NY, July 21, 1898; died, Yonkers, NY, Mar. 19, 1974.)  Max Kase was known during his years as sports editor of the New York Journal-American for his newsy notes column entitled “Briefkase.”  He had a distinct “nose for news.”  Two years after the merger of the New York American […]

Vic Ghezzi

Vic Ghezzi (Golf.  Born, Rumson, NJ, Oct. 19, 1911; died, Miami Beach, FL, May 30, 1976.)  Although he subsequently played out of Kansas City, Mo., and Florida, Victor Ghezzi began his career as a tournament player and club pro in his native New Jersey.  Ghezzi, though in military service, won the New Jersey Open in […]

Pete Cawthorn

Pete Cawthorn (Pro football.  Born, Houston, TX, Mar. 28, 1898; died, Houston, TX, Dec. 31, 1962.)  Head coach of the N.F.L. Brooklyn Football Dodgers, Peter Willis Cawthorn lasted less than a season and a half, but the team didn’t last much longer.  Cawthorn was 2-8-0 in 1943 and the team changed its name to the […]

Michael Burke

Michael Burke (Executive.  Born, Enfield, CT, June 8, 1916; died, Galway, Ireland, Feb. 5, 1987.)  One of the most colorful characters in New York sports in the 1960s and 1970s, Edward Michael Burke was president of both the Yankees (1966-73) and Madison Square Garden (1973-81).  Burke spent nearly a third of his life in Europe for […]

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