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Damon Runyon

Damon Runyon (Sportswriter.  Born, Manhattan, KS, Oct. 4, 1884; died, New York, NY, Dec. 10, 1946.)  Alfred Damon Runyon is one of the unique characters of American sportswriting.  He became one of the towering literary figures of the 1920s and 1930s from a base that was essentially rooted in sports.  After a newspaper career that […]

Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom

Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom (Boxing.  Born, New York, NY, Sept. 6, 1903; died, Los Angeles, CA, Mar. 6, 1976.)  Of the many boxers who sought acting careers, Maxie Rosenbloom was by far the most successful.  Not only was Rosenbloom a world light heavyweight champion, but he also appeared in over 30 films in a career during […]

Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson (Sportswriting. Born, Henryville, P.Q., Nov. 26, 1853; died, New York, NY, Oct. 25, 1921.) While it was sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction, there is no denying that William Barclay Masterson was one of the most famous gunslingers of the Old West in America. Masterson had been a famed name since the […]

Gene Fowler

Gene Fowler (Sportswriter.  Born, Denver, CO, Mar. 8, 1890; died, Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 1960.)  A newspaperman in his native Denver, Gene Fowler joined the sports staff of the New York American in Sept. 1918 on the recommendation of Damon Runyon.  Fowler, born Eugene Devlan, was adopted by his stepfather as a youngster and […]

Bill Farnsworth

Bill Farnsworth (Sports editor.  Born, Milbury, MA, June 7, 1885; died, New York, NY, July 10, 1945.)  Part of the triumvirate of Hearst newspaper stars who dominated the boxing business in New York in the 1920s, Wilton Simpson Farnsworth was sports editor of the Evening Journal for its last 12 years (1925-37).  Farnsworth teamed with […]

James Braddock

James Braddock (Boxing.  Born, New York, NY, June 7, 1906; died, North Bergen, NJ, Nov. 29, 1974.)  In 1950 when The Associated Press conducted a poll to determine the greatest sports upsets of first half of the 20th century,  James J. Braddock’s heavyweight championship victory over Max Baer was ranked fourth on the list.  Such was […]

Isador Bieber

Isador Bieber (Thoroughbred racing.  Born, Vasloveck, Poland, May 10, 1887; died, Hollywood, FL, Aug. 29, 1974.)  Nicknamed “the Colonel” by Damon Runyon, Isador Bieber was born near Warsaw but came to the U.S. as a four-year-old and grew up to become one of racing’s most successful trainers.  By 1928, Bieber had formed a partnership with […]

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