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George Young

George Young (Bowling.  Born, Omega, GA, Oct. 3, 1909; died, Detroit, MI, Aug. 30, 1959.)  George Young was born and raised in Georgia, but did not try his hand at bowling until he was 24 and had settled in Brooklyn.  The year was 1933 and when he took to the lanes he quickly became one […]

Andy Varipapa

Andy Varipapa (Bowling.  Born, Carfizzi, Italy, Mar. 13, 1891; died, Huntington, NY, Aug. 25, 1984.)  Perhaps the most famous bowling star of the early television era, Andrew Varipapa came to the United States in 1903 and began one of the most remarkable careers in the history of American sports.  He began bowling in 1905 in […]

Mark Roth

Mark Roth (Bowling. Born, Brooklyn, NY, Apr. 10, 1951.)  One of the first of the hard-throwing, hard-cranking bowlers now  so typical of the Professional Bowlers Tour, Brooklyn’s Mark Roth was a dominant leader in the sport for more than two decades, winning 33 P.B.A. tournaments in a career that began in 1970.  During his first […]

Tony Sparando

Tony Sparando (Bowling.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Jan. 18, 1906; died, Rego Park, NY, Sept. 21, 1989.)  In 1938, Anthony Sparando set a record for high average in the Metropolitan Major League, then the leading New York area bowling organization.  Twenty years later, when the record was finally broken, it was broken by Tony Sparando.  For much […]

Junie McMahon

Junie McMahon (Bowling. Born, Passaic, NJ, Jan. 3, 1912; died, Hackensack, NJ, Nov. 1, 1974.) James (Junie) McMahon was not only one of the outstanding bowlers of his time, but also the possessor of one of the smoothest deliveries in the sport. He was the anchorman on some of the best teams in the New […]

Johnny Petraglia

Johnny Petraglia (Bowling.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Mar. 3, 1947.)  At the beginning of his career, it seemed like anything but a career for Johnny Petraglia, who started bowling on the local lanes in his native Brooklyn.  At the age of 18, he decided to take a chance on the Professional Bowlers Tour and his first […]

Joe Falcaro

Joe Falcaro (Bowling.  Born, New York, NY, Jan. 3, 1896; died, Cedarhurst, NY, Sept. 6, 1951.)  Guiseppi (Joe) Falcaro was based in Brooklyn and became the dominant match-game bowler of the late 1920s and 1930s, holding the B.P.A.A. match-game championship for four years.  Falcaro was a flamboyant and colorful character both on and off the […]

Ned Day

Ned Day (Bowling.  Born, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 11, 1911; died, Milwaukee, WI, Nov. 26, 1971.)  When bowling was introduced at Madison Square Garden No. 3 in the 1940s, Edward Gately Day, Jr., was the sport’s biggest draw.  Day put on exhibitions that excited interest in the sport, setting the stage for an exhibition by […]

Marty Cassio

Marty Cassio (Bowling.  Born, Palermo, ltaly, Aug. 15, 1904; died, Rahway, NJ, Dec. 20, 1972.)  Marty Cassio moved to the United States at the age of five.  Like most immigrants, he went to work at an early age.  A career in sports appeared doomed when as a youth he plunged through a plate glass window […]

Lou Campi

Lou Campi (Bowling.  Born, Verona, Italy, March 18, 1905; died, Dumont, NJ, Aug. 31, 1989.)  Luigi (Lou) Campi was one of the most famous of the Eastern bowlers in the earliest days of the sport on television by virtue of performing a feat that defied astronomical odds.  In 1948, Campi was selected as the first Eastern […]

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