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Bobby Walthour, Sr.

Bobby Walthour, Sr. (Bicycle racing.  Born, Walthourville, GA, Jan. 1, 1878; died, Boston, MA, Sept. 2, 1949.)  One of the true folk heroes of American bicycle racing, Robert A. Walthour, Sr., not only set numerous world speed record in his motor-paced specialty but also won two six-day races at Madison Square Garden in the early […]

Freddie Spencer

Freddie Spencer (Bicycle racing.  Born, Westfield, NJ, Aug. 9, 1902; died, Rahway, NJ, Feb. 9, 1992.)  During the last Golden Era of bicycle racing in America, no star was bigger than Fred Spencer, who in 1925 accomplished a feat never duplicated when he won the American Pro Sprint championship and two six-day races in the same […]

Pop Kugler

Pop Kugler (Bicycle racing. Born, Somerville, NJ, June 4, 1900; died, Winter Garden, FL, Oct. 24, 1991.) Frederick William Kugler, Jr., was successfully able to tap into New Jersey’s long history of bicycle racing by founding what became a major annual event. Kugler operated a bicycle shop in his hometown and, in 1940, started the […]

Marcus Hurley

Marcus Hurley (Basketball, bicycle racing.  Born, New York, NY, Dec. 22, 1883; died, New York, NY, Mar. 28, 1941.)  Marcus L. Hurley was one of the most celebrated and versatile athletes of his time.  Hurley was an outstanding basketball player in the game’s primitive years, earning what was considered all-America recognition three times (1905-07) while […]

Torchy Peden

Torchy Peden (Bicycle racing.  Born, Victoria, B.C., Apr. 16, 1906; died, Northbrook, IL, Jan. 26, 1980.)  A writer once said that William John Peden led the pack at a bicycle race “like a torch.”  Indeed, Peden was known throughout his career as “Torchy,” although perhaps it was for his torch-like shock of red hair.  Peden […]

Alfred Goullet

Alfred Goullet (Bicycle racing.  Born, Emu, Australia, Apr. 5, 1891; died, Toms River, NJ, Mar. 11, 1995.)  Alf Goullet was one of the first great stars of the six-day bike racing circuit, emerging before the First World War and becoming a dominant force for more than a decade.  Goullet won his first six-day race at […]

Franco Georgetti

Franco Georgetti (Bicycle racing.  Born, Bovisio Mombello, Italy, Oct. 3, 1902; died, Rome, Italy, Mar. 18, 1983.)  Over a period of nearly 15 years, one of the most popular and consistent of the six-day bicycle race riders in Madison Square Garden was Franco Georgetti. The rugged Italian won eight of the 144-hour grinds with five […]

John M. Chapman

John M. Chapman (Bicycle racing.  Born, College Park, GA, 1877; died, Santa Monica, CA, Mar. 20, 1947.)  During the era when bike racing was a major sport indoors and outdoors in the U.S., John M. Chapman was the sport’s leading promoter for 30 years (1907-37).  He was the operator of the New York and Newark […]

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