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Abe Yager

Abe Yager (Sports editor.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, July 13, 1870; died, Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 22, 1930.)  As first sports editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, Abe Yager created the paper’s sports section.  Yager, who was to spend his entire 45-year working career with the Eagle, was hired in 1885.  Shortly thereafter, he began handling the small […]

Fred Lieb

Fred Lieb (Sportswriter. Born, Philadelphia, PA, Mar. 6, 1888; died, Houston, TX, June 3, 1980.) From railroad clerk to national president of the B.B.W.A.A., Frederick George Lieb was among the best-known New York baseball writers of the 1920s. Lieb spent six years in his youth as a clerk for the Norfolk and Western Railroad, but […]

Lou Niss

Lou Niss (Sports editor.  Born, Minsk, Russia, Oct. 5, 1903; died, New York, NY, Apr. 30, 1987.)  The last sports editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, Louis Niss was also the first front-office employee hired by the Mets, in 1960.  Niss began his newspaper career in 1923 wirh the Brooklyn Times and worked his way through […]

Sid Mercer

Sid Mercer (Sportswriter. Born, Paxson, IL, Aug. 4, 1880; died, New York, NY, June 19, 1945.) Starting a sportswriting career with the St. Louis Republic in 1902, James Sidney Mercer became the traveling secretary of the St. Louis Browns A.L. club in 1903. After two seasons, Mercer returned to sportswriting with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch […]

Roscoe McGowen

Roscoe McGowen (Sportswriter. Born, Alta, IA, July 16, 1886; died, North Woodstock, CT, Nov. 5, 1966.) A former telegraph operator with a baso profundo voice, Roscoe Emmitt McGowen lent his considerable skills to baseball writing at The New York Times for 30 years (1929-59) and to the B.B.W.A.A. New York chapter annual dinner for even […]

Jack Lang

Jack Lang (Sportswriter. Born, Brooklyn, NY, May 11, 1921; died, Huntington, NY, Jan, 25, 2007.) For nearly three decades, the one voice a retired ballplayer wanted to hear was that of Jack Lang. As national secretary of the B.B.W.A.A., Lang would call former players to inform them of their election to the Baseball Hall of […]

Jack O’Connell

Jack O’Connell (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Nov. 4, 1948.)  Primarily a baseball writer for more than three decades, John William O’Connell became the national secretary-treasurer of the B.B.W.A.A. in 1993.  O’Connell started his sportswriting career with the Suffolk Sun on Long Island in 1967.  When that paper folded, he went to the Rochester (N.Y.) […]

Phil Pepe

Phil Pepe (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 21, 1935.)  Starting at the World-Telegram in April 1957, Philip Francis Pepe became a top baseball and boxing writer.  Pepe went through the merger that created the ill-fated World Journal Tribune in 1966 and the strike that delayed its launch.  When the combined paper closed May 5, […]

Joan Payson

Joan Payson (Baseball.  Born, New York, NY, Feb. 5, 1903; died, New York, NY, Oct. 4, 1975.)  A lifelong fan of baseball and horse racing, Mrs. Charles Shipman Payson could afford to indulge her interest.  Mrs. Payson was born Joan Whitney, an heiress to a sizable fortune.  She owned a share of the New York […]

Red Patterson

Red Patterson (Public relations.  Born, Long Island City, NY, Feb. 1, 1909; died, Fullerton, CA, Feb. 10, 1992.)  Arthur E. (Red) Patterson had the unique distinction of being the first public relations director of the New York Yankees and the last one for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Patterson, a New York University graduate, covered baseball for […]

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