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Barry Wilner

Barry Wilner (Sportswriter.  Born, Far Rockaway, NY, Apr. 5, 1951.)  An Associated Press sportswriter since 1978, Barry Stuart Wilner has covered a wide range of sports.  Wilner was a tennis writer (1978-79), hockey writer (1980-85) and television sports writer (1985-86) before assuming the Jets beat in 1986.  He is also the A.P. figure skating writer, a […]

Kathy Willens

Kathy Willens (Photographer.  Born, Detroit, MI, Dec. 8, 1949.)  Starting as a freelancer for suburban newspapers in the Detroit area, Kathy Ann Willens has become one of the most honored Associated Press photographers both in and out of sports.  Willens has traveled extensively for the A.P., in Latin America, the Caribbean, and world hot spots […]

Ben Walker

Ben Walker (Sportswriter.  Born, Washington, DC, Oct. 8, 1957.)  A bulwark of The Associated Press coverage for over two decades, Benjamin Staud Walker has covered every World Series game since 1983 and every baseball All-Star Game since 1984.  Walker joined the A.P. in 1980 in Albany, N.Y., out of Syracuse U.  He moved to the […]

Bert Rosenthal

Bert Rosenthal (Sportswriter.  Born, New York, NY, June 10, 1936.)  Following his graduation from City College, Bert Rosenthal joined The Associated Press’ New York sports desk as a baseball statistician under Ben Olan in 1957.  Rosenthal was later to become one of the country’s leading track and field writers.  He moved to the A.P. Bureau […]

Scotty Reston

Scotty Reston (Sportswriting.  Born, Clydeback, Scotland, Nov. 3, 1909; died, Washington, DC, Dec. 6, 1995.)  To call James Barrett Reston a sportswriter may be somewhat like calling Ted Williams a great fisherman, yet it was sportswriting that put him in the newspaper business and sportswriting that brought him to New York.  Reston came to the […]

Jim Kensil

Jim Kensil (Pro football.  Born, Philadelphia, PA, Aug. 19, 1930; died, Massapequa, NY, Jan. 16, 1997.)  A sportswriter-cum-football executive, James Kensil served just over 11 years as president of the Jets.  A Penn man, Kensil was a sportswriter from 1954-61, primarily with the Columbus (O.) Dispatch and The Associated Press.  He then served as publicity […]

Carl Lundquist

Carl Lundquist (Sportswriter. Born, Kansas City, KS, Oct. 24, 1913; died, Port Orange, FL, Aug. 26, 2000.) During the days when three wire services competed to supply news to American newspapers, Carl Wesley Lundquist was the lead writer on the World Series for the United Press. Lundquist covered the first of his 14 World Series […]

Harry Harris

Harry Harris (Photographer.  Born, New York, NY, Mar. 25, 1913; died, New York, NY, Feb. 12, 2002.)  Unlike many great photographers both in and out of sports, Harry Harris didn’t start out to be a lensman.  He originally trained in the printing trades, but wound up as one of the premier wire service sports photographers […]

Roscoe McGowen

Roscoe McGowen (Sportswriter. Born, Alta, IA, July 16, 1886; died, North Woodstock, CT, Nov. 5, 1966.) A former telegraph operator with a baso profundo voice, Roscoe Emmitt McGowen lent his considerable skills to baseball writing at The New York Times for 30 years (1929-59) and to the B.B.W.A.A. New York chapter annual dinner for even […]

Will Grimsley

Will Grimsley (Sportswriter.  Born, Monterey, TN, Jan. 27, 1914; died, East Meadow, NY, Oct. 31, 2002.)  A star reporter and columnist, Will Henry Grimsley wrote for The Associated Press for 45 years (1943-88).  Grimsley was hired by the A.P. in Nashville, Tenn., in 1943 and moved to the New York sports desk in 1947.  He […]

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