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Stan Stutz

Stan Stutz (Pro basketball.  Born, Worcester, MA, Apr. 14, 1920; died, New Rochelle, NY, Oct. 28, 1975.)  An original Knick in 1946, Stanley Modzelewski (Stutz) was also the only coach in the one-season pro history of the New York Tapers.  Stutz set a national collegiate scoring record at Rhode Island State (1938-42) with 1,730 points in […]

George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner (Executive.  Born, Rocky River, OH, July 4, 1930; died, Tampa, FL, July 13, 2010.) One of the most visible figures in New York sports history, George Michael Steinbrenner, III, owned the Yankees longer than anyone else had, and reestablished the team as the sport’s flagship franchise team during his tumultuous 37-year ownership, though his […]

Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson (College basketball.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, June 24, 1940; died, Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 28, 2005.)  An electrifying jump shooter, Tony B. Jackson lost a chance at an N.B.A. career when he was tainted by the 1961 college basketball point shaving scandals for failing to report a bribe offer.  Instead, he became an All-Star in […]

Sonny Hertzberg

Sonny Hertzberg (College and pro basketball.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, July 29, 1922; died, Woodmere, LI, July 25, 2005.)  An old-style two-hand set shooter schooled by Nat Holman at City College, Sidney Hertzberg was a standout with the Gothams of the original A.B.L. and a member of the first Knicks team in the 1946-47 B.A.A.  At City […]

Joe Lapchick

Joe Lapchick (College and pro basketball. Born, Yonkers, NY, Apr. 12, 1900; died, New York, NY, Aug. 10, 1970.) Joseph Bonhomiel Lapchick had two distinct careers in professional basketball, and another in college basketball, and any one of them would have been sufficient to make him one of the sport’s most significant contributors. Although he […]

John J. O’Brien

John J. O’Brien (Pro basketball.  Born, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 4, 1888; died, Rockville Centre, NY, Dec. 9, 1967.)  Although he was successful in other fields, John J. O’Brien was devoted to basketball.  O’Brien was an energetic and efficient organizer who helped form the Interstate pro league (1914) at age 26 and served as its president […]

Norm Drucker

Norm Drucker (Pro basketball.  Born, Brooklyn, July 4, 1920.)  A player for Nat Holman at City College, Norman F. Drucker became much better known as a pro basketball referee.  Drucker served in the U.S. Army for three years during World War II and played professionally in the original A.B.L. with Trenton (N.J.) and Troy (N.Y.) for […]

Joe Carr

Joe Carr (Executive.  Born, Columbus, OH, Oct. 22, 1880; died, Columbus, OH, May 20, 1939.)  A very active sports administrator for two decades, Joseph F. Carr had his greatest impact on the National Football League.  Carr succeeded Jim Thorpe, the first president, in 1921 and worked to expand the league from its small-town roots into […]

Matty Begovich

Matty Begovich (Basketball.  Born, Hoboken, NJ, Oct. 2, 1910; died, Miami Beach, FL, Nov. 20, 1966.)  One of the best-known referees of his era, Matthew Begovich was also a star player and coach in the 1930s.  Begovich refereed for over 20 years before retiring in 1959 and officiated five N.I.T. finals from 1946-51.  He worked […]

John Beckman

John Beckman (Pro basketball.  Born, New York, NY, Oct. 22, 1895; died, Miami Beach, FL, June 22, 1968.)  Among the stars of the legendary Original Celtics was John Beckman.  Though his 5’9” frame was above average for his time, Beckman was noted for his all-around game.  He first became a star in the original Eastern […]

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